Well, at least I had some decent sleep. When noises irritated me out of my slumber, I thought it was around 7. Imagine my delighted surprise to see that I'd slept all the way to 9:47. Much, much better. What wasn't better was submitting church-John's and my waiver forms to my blind group for the trip. It took me ::growls:: two whole hours. First I had to actually locate where the template was. Oh, look. It's on Google Drive that I loathe using. Once that was out of my way I could actually enjoy brekkie!

And, yes, there was major container washage in the afternoon. Life is short, but recycling is ... eternal. Or something ridiculous like that.

I finished my ballet book. I was intrigued to read that the author had been a dancer for 10 years. So the balletic parts were realistic. The Antarctic thing? Just her personal obsession. Anyway, I enjoyed it so much, I borrowed another book by her, this one about a teenage girl who's coerced into working for her family's cemetery business. Yay for more fun reading.

The evening news revealed a wonderful scenario. Because of the turmoil in the U.S. and opposition to you-know=who, tourism to Canada - and TO specifically - has increased substantially. Compared to one year ago, international tourism is up 18% in TO and tourism from Mexico is up 90%!!!!! Digest those numbers. Naturally, increased tourism is terrific for our financial stability. After the news, I watched my game show repeats. Now I'm just chillin' listening to rainforest bird and rain sounds. I guess I should head to bed soon.
Oh, the skittering clatter of many claws down the length of the floor. Not what I wanted to wake me up much too early. So I got up. Feel all confused. Was Barcelona only yesterday? Alas, yes. Naturally, there were other plots and a premature explosion. Um ... can I blast off into outer space now?

The universe does not grant me that wish. So I escape into library books. I plug "ballet" into the search box and borrow two books. The first - supposedly 90 pages long - is based on a true story of an orphan from Sierra Leone who finds a magazine picture of a ballerina and vows to become one herself. She and her best friend at the orphanage are adopted by an American family (who go on to adopt 4 or 5 more children). She ends up dancing with two world-renowned companies despite the fact that she had vitiligo from childhood. I guess the book must have been extremely large-print, aimed at inspiring young girls. I finished it in about FIVE minutes, tops.

Then I moved on to the next book whose cover of icy peaks beckoned. It's a fascinating story mixing history of Antarctica with ballet with teen angst with slight humour. Just the perfect escape for me. I'm about half way through.

Watched the news (where I found out about the latest from Spain) and my game shows, then returned to reading. I have stuff I need to do, but I'll leave that until tomorrow morning when my brain is a bit less unhinged. I know it's unreasonable to hope for serenity (and sanity), but that doesn't stop me from wishing it.
Considering that I stayed off social media all day long, I had no idea of the terror in Barcelona until the 6:00 p.m. news. Sigh.

My day started off strangely. I'd woken up earlier, but fell asleep again. What woke me up was hearing World War Cat. I was in the middle of a weird dream where I seemed to be living in a house with several people including our amazing Music Director. For some reason, my old blue starburst shag rug was under her bed(?) and she was complaining I'd need to vacuum it more carefully because there were tufts being pulled out. Weeeeeird.

After I woke up, I decided to read "Hidden Figures". I even delayed brekkie by a couple of hours because I was transfixed. There was so much I didn't know about segregation and strife in the states (other than what I'd witnessed as a teen from far-away Canada). I'll write more about it in my monthly book report. I kept slogging away at it and finally finished the book. All that's left (not sure) is an interview with the author and I'm in the middle of that.

After the shocking news hour, I watched my usual game show reruns and I'm about to watch the SNL Weekend Update, even though I don't know how whether I'll be in the right mood to appreciate it. There's so little of good stuff happening in the world. Let's make that a really long sigh.
It didn't happen at 7:37 when I first woke up (slightly better than the minutes past 7 as has been happening lately). Luckily, I did fall asleep again and woke up nearly three hours later in the middle of a convoluted BtVS dream, though I believe it was SMG rather than Buffy who was visiting me. What happened in the dream? Uh ... I forget. Silly me.

Had a leisurely day. Exchanged a couple of e-mails with church-John. Watched the usual TV in the evening along with tonight's MasterChef. OMG, I now want to have Oysters Poached in Champagne (normally served atop capellini with beurre blanc and caviar). So, what did Madame have for dinner tonight? A few slices of Emmenthal cheese and a glass of Rosé. Meh. I just wanted to have that glass of wine. Perhaps I'll be more adventuresome tomorrow.
Awwwww. I finally got to newest (ha, I'd typed mewest accidentally) feline in the house while I was waiting for my meals to be delivered. Apparently she's silver grey, but I couldn't see the colours. She approached me, sniffed my hand, allowed me to pet her, then talked to me and slithered back and forth trying to mark me. So relieved she accepted me. OTOH, there were signs of World War Cat happening as she and CeCe had a dustup on the stairs. Sigh.

So, I finally finished the third Trek book at 1:30 in the morning. I was very disappointed (and still confused) at the end. The only good thing was that Data had a new life and purpose. I wasn't too thrilled to wake up at 7:03 again, but managed to fall back asleep until the alarm at 9. Also had just enough time before my food arrived to half-clean the freezer. Oops, I think I left it for too long.

Had a tiny unscheduled nap in the afternoon but roused in time for the news. Oh, dear. I absolutely loathed seeing that man with his weird hand gestures returning to his claim of violence on many sides. ::growls:: It's no wonder I feel like pulling the covers over my head, hoping to wake up in a much better world. At least I enjoyed one example of that better world. After watching tonight's Jeopardy!, I decided to go back and rewatch last night's, too. We're in the repeat of the College Tournament and yesterday's winner was fabulous. Can't remember (but hope) if she won the whole thing.

Okay, here's hoping I'll have some longer healing sleep tonight. ::crosses fingers::
First the sleep. Was irritated to have woken up shortly after 7. Not impressed. I read for a tiny bit, then managed to slip back to slumber and didn't wake up until 10. Much better. Continued slogging through the Trek novel until I was felled with lethargy at 4:10, when I set the alarm for 5:50 and dropped off again. I have no idea why my body is acting this way.

In the evening, I managed to watch the news and my game shows, then returned to reading. Getting close to the end which is a relief as the book will expire in just a few hours.

Had a bit of fun with Brian who baited me (ME?) with a FB post about making cultured butter (oh, he's baiting me all right) that he seasoned with a salt from the most imperial salt chest (a gift from me, natch) with no name, just the number 3. That's because there had been a master list of all the salts. Which Brian lost. So I (moi!) found the list on my computer (yay for blind detecting), chastised him mildly on his post, then resent a copy to him. Aren't I the best chosen big sis? Anyway, I suggested he invite me over in September and he agreed. He'll even put on a tea spread. I like that idea very much.

I also received a response form from my blind group asking for info for our upcoming trip. I sent the form to church-John, asking him to fill out his own. I really can't wait for that trip. Too bad it's like 8 weeks away. Wah. Oh, well, I'm sure I'll find something to do to distract me. ::begs the universe for a nice distraction::
Yes, you guessed it. That all happened at church this morning. Mind you, I had a whole lot of names I included in the Prayers of the People (like all of you currently residing south of the border). I think the music helped most of all (which is just as valid a conveyor of the message). I was also surprised (and thrilled) to be accosted by a flamboyant young man whom I hadn't seen in at least a year (though I thought it was longer). He's sort of lost himself, so I hope he'll start attending church more regularly (even though it's a very VERY long bicycle ride from home).

Church-John didn't have my walker basket because he'd underestimated the girth of the support bar. So he and our mutual friend B (who lives in the same building) are going to concoct something on their own from scrap metal. I think I shall be vewy VEWY afwaid. OTOH, I was pleased to learn that we'll be seated at tables at the fancy gala for Brent. How elegant.

I was thrilled that my cab was already waiting for me after church and I got home quickly. Off to write my church review before collapsing. Had strawberry cheese strudel for lunch. So nutritious NOT. Then I went to bed and continued reading my Trek book. Finally (like 16 chapters in), it's getting good. ::rolls eyes::

Looking forward to being lazy tomorrow and finishing the book before it disappears off my iPad. Gee, 21 days just zip right by.
Sometimes it pays to be behind on social media and not refreshing the page. But I was horrified to watch the 6:00 p.m. news and then to learn that one death had turned into three. I don't even know what to write; there are NO words for such intentional hatred.

Just as well that I'd slept in until 8:30. And my only duty was to look after the cats. Naturally, Grumpy had to give me kittens (not the cute kind) by getting caught in a sudden downpour and then ignoring my calls at both the front and back doors. He finally deigned to appear, sitting on the back deck, at 8:00 p.m. Luckily, there was enough light to still see him.

I'd originally wanted to watch "Galaxy Quest" but ended up having a regular low-key Saturday night, with the news and game show repeats. And it was pleasant having the company of cats, especially Diva who'd been sheared. Now she's so cold she likes to lie in the valley of the comforter next to my body.

Anyway, I'm going to treat my poor hands to a paraffin treatment. Even if I'm not on duty tomorrow, I'd like to have functioning fingers. What a concept, eh?
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( Aug. 11th, 2017 11:48 pm)
Or, more accurately, boredom and irritation. Because the resting is involuntary as I feel throbbing in my feet and hands. And the reading is unsatisfactory (to put it mildly) as I'm at the beginning of the third book of the ST trilogy. I know it'll eventually develop tension and weird alien problems, but right now it's just meh.

Sent out a few emails: to the church regarding Brent's retirement tribute (or parking, to be precise), another to the church to get the name of the new sound booth leader, a couple to church-John, and a couple to the leader of my blind group. Whoa, I was really on a communicating roll. I even got replies from c-J and the leader.

I surprised myself once again by getting Final Jeopardy! right which is totally ridiculous as the answer (Mayflower Compact) just appeared-in my brain. OMG. That reminds me of lying in my first lover's bed, doing my counterpoint homework as he was doing physics. He pointed to one problem. I looked at it and said the answer is the "square root of 3". He began shaking me, wanting to know how I came up with that answer (which, according to the back of the book, was correct). Hey, don't look at me. I just knew it was right. Too bad I couldn't count on that instinct more often. ::sighs::

Also watched two separate reruns of Big Bang Theory that made me laugh more often than groan. I guess that's a win, right? Now I guess I'll try to advance in the book and hope something happens soon. ::sighs again:: Or I can just lie in bed and listen to the thunder outside.
Until I had a personal confrontation with ... strawberry jam???

Well, it all started so easily. My minivan showed up at 10:05 and then I was taken on a convoluted route while the driver picked up and dropped off others. But I eventually arrived at the restaurant in High Park which, for the benefit of strangers, I like to boast - cuz trufax - is larger than Monaco, around 11:15. There were already a couple people whom I knew, so we sat together until the gaggle of people arrived. I ended up sitting with the woman I'd sat next to at both pub nights. She's in a wheelchair with an extension for her legs, so usually sits at the end of the table. Anyway, I liked the fact that we already knew each other.

So ... strawberry jam??? I ordered a Mediterranean omelette which came with tiny home fries as well as two slices of toast and - yes - packets of the jam. I wasn't aware I'd dribbled or otherwise smeared some beyond the rim of my plate closest to the edge of the table. You can fill in the sticky blanks. I ended up with jam on the front of my jumper and my capelet. Some might have even penetrated through the thin material of my jumper and onto my trousers. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. I tried to clean some of it, but knew that only a shower and laundry would really work. Anyway, I sat outside with my two friends until my ride came, luckily at 2:10 as scheduled.

When I got in, I had a lovely Euphoria experience and got my laundry done. What a relief. I'd already conveyed to SuM and gf that I'd bring over the bottle of Hypnotiq and Bourbon Maple Walnut tarts while we watched SNL Weekend Update. SuM loved-loved-loved the Hypnotiq. We all had two glasses of it on the rocks. So what was the occasion? Well, I thought we should celebrate the fact that SuM's gf had just officially moved in this week. To my surprise, I found out that her cat is too scared to come down so has been hiding in the bedroom. So I may have to wait a while before I get to meet her.

Right now, I need to take my painkillers ('cuz my knees are protesting long minivan rides) and perhaps read for a little while. I'm glad I don't have to go anywhere until Sunday. Yay for time to recuperate.
Sigh. The day had started out so well, with me getting a terrific night's sleep and waking up at 8. Had a leisurely brekkie and got ready for church-John to pick me up at 11. By a trial-and-error driving method, we actually found our way to the place where I was going to get my walker brakes tightened. Oh, yeah, that DID happen but the guy offered to tighten my basket hooks ... and broke one of them off. To add insult to injury, I was charged $50 for the brake work (their rate is $100/hour). And, then they offered to order me another IDENTICAL basket (because walkers are special snowflakes with each basket fitting only a single walker style). Well, I wasn't going to put up with that, so c-J just grabbed the broken basket and hook before we left.

At least we managed to stop in at our fave seafood place for a lovely lunch. I had calamari and the shrimp'n'chips special while c-J had scallops'n'chips and a salad. After that, we stopped at Canadian Tire so he could go in and buy a couple of different styles of hooks. He's going to try to give me a better and more secure hook. ::crosses fingers::

When I got in, I poured myself into the shower and then into bed. I read a wee bit of my Trek book and then "Hidden Figures". It was fascinating to read how desperate the higher-ups at Langley were to recruit female graduates during the war years. Anyway, as my Trek books will expire in a few days, I'd better finish the third one first before getting too deeply into the space program.

When SuM got in, she surprised me with a prezzie. It was a lovely scented bar of soap from a frou-frou shop ('d never heard of. So now I have to find myself a soap dish and actually use it. I also have an old prezzie soap in a decorative carton with "Queen" on it. Should use that first, eh?

Watched my usual news and game shows. Ha! I got Final Jeopardy! right: vortex and vertex. Then I watched tonight's MasterChef. And I was delighted that the music on Peg + Cat was Mozart ("Msrriage of Figaro"). They can repeat that epi as often as they want. And, speaking of music, when c-J and I were driving, we heard the famoue duet from Bizet's "The Pearl Fishers". By an odd coincidence, I saw a FB post about that opera being shown as an encore presentation at the movie theatre starting tomorrow. So I'm thinking of going ... whenever. Too tired to check it out tonight.
But, first, I gloried in the chance to sleep all the way to 9:56. just minutes shy of my 10:00 alarm. So relieved the cats allowed me to sleep in. I let the rambunctious ones out after 11, once I knew SuM and the gf would be back around 2:30.

Spent most of the afternoon in bed reading my second Trek book. Finally finished it after watching the news/game shows. Decided to postpone reading the third one. Just wasn't in the mood as this one had been weird. So I started on "Hidden Figures" but didn't really get into it as I've been especially blind today - blurred vision making it really difficult to see my computer screen. Sigh.

Called the mobility place and made an appointment for tomorrow, then confirmed the time with church-John. I'll be so happy to get out of the house tomorrow. Just feeling restless and it doesn't help that I feel a headache coming on. Sigh. Time for bed and hope for some healing sleep.
But I was especially thrilled to sleep in all the way to 9:26 (after going to bed minutes before midnight). In a house with a grumpy "Grumpy" cat, even. A blessing, indeed.

Was busy reading both my Trek eBook and SGA fanfic on the desktop. And I got another load of laundry done. Always makes me feel so virtuous and it even smells and feels good.

Tried yet a different water today, San Benedetto. Hmm. Still thinking about it, but it's quite possible that I may be a Perrier loyalist no matter what. Also gorged on fresh apricots as I noticed they were beginning to spoil (after only two days). Boo to impulsive fruit.

Was surprised to receive a "how are you" e-mail from one of the more sociable people in my old blind group. She had two more eye surgeries this year, so I guess I'll learn all about them at our meeting in September. Anyway, I'm headed back to bed and my Trek book. Library deadlines are a pain.
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( Aug. 6th, 2017 10:54 pm)
What wasn't there to love? Well, apart from the alarm going off at 5:45. But the weather was lovely. I added my gorgeous mango/azalea/black top and sparkling citrine chandelier earrings to my ensemble. I was picked up early and arrived at church before 9:10, so I sat outside and listened to the gorgeous music. One of my fave singers was our guest artist today. She's such a sweetheart, always coming over to give me a hug and kiss. We make a terrific mutual admiration society!

Brent's sermon was on heaven and hell through a progressive Christian lens, following the readings of which the first one was by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. His vivid words just sprang off the page. The service was so efficient I even had time to socialize after. Was also relieved that church-John had brought me $100 worth of supplements. Yay! I was also extra relieved that my cab (from the bad company) arrived ten minutes early, with the driver meeting me halfway down the ramp. Oh, good. Someone who knows how to read directions and special statements.

I got home exactly at 1 which was fabulous. Was surprised to see that SuM had already left. She left me a text. Gone but returning on Tuesday. So I had to corral Grumpy, the same old boy on whose tail I trod (totally by accident, I swear) when I'd been walking down the back deck steps in the blinding morning sunshine. He eventually appeared to forgive me, but I wasn't taking any chances, as I scooped him up and carried him inside. Whew. Cats are a real handful.

Writing today's review was easy, especially as I started with the music. After that I collapsed. After some gooey lemon danishes, I later had some soppressata sausage and a glass of rosé. I also opened a bottle of the store brand of sparkling water, trying to compare it to Perrier. I thought it was fizzier, but tasted more salty. I'm also so nervous handling glass bottles. Eek.

C-J sent me an e-mail in the evening confirming he's all mine (bwahaha) on Wednesday for getting my walker fixed. Wonderful. Naturally, I'm sure we'll do lunch somewhere, too. Looking forward to a good week ahead.
Oh, I can hear you scoff. It's summer, blondie. Ha! I reject your blanket assertion, especially when I can go from sweltering to freezing all in one night. So, I continued the unprecedented use of my "Christmas" linens. Normally, my red flannel sheets would have been retired at the latest by March 31. Not so this year. I take them off, wash and dry, and replace on the bed. It's so BORING. So, this morning, I changed things up. I removed all the red pillowcases, revealing the cases underneath: grey floral brocade, black, and ... I need two cases, stat. I thought I was accessing the right storage box, as I was looking for cream and apricot floral chintz. Nah, sorry blondie. You're getting your silly fishies. So, that's what's sharing the bed with all that red. Sigh.

At least I managed to get the laundry done (after Grumpy woke me up early with his yowling) way before my expected grocery delivery time. Putting items away was really tiring, but then I'd already been working hard. I even figured out a hack for my office chair (because I'm ever so inventive, lol). I was in the shower when SuM got back. Oh, good. She can deal with lassoing Grumpy (as I'd let him go out). I then rewarded myself with a salmon sushi platter and a glass of rosé - even though it was still only early afternoon.

Then I finally got a chance to relax. I continued reading my Trek book and I returned a call from an old friend. I also ended up dozing off during the news AND repeats of my game shows. Silly blondie! You must be frolicking with the fishies. Anyway, I think I'm going to read a titch more. And then hit the hay, all snuggly and cozy as we're expecting early September temps overnight. Weird weather. Weird summer.
Yeah, not entirely. Oh, the hair was a huge success. My hair wiz cut lots off - and yet my head is still covered in blonde curls. But the mani/pedi was less than successful. I'm not thrilled with my coffee-coloured toenails (with sparkles on top). And I've already wrecked one of my fingernails covered in sparkle-covered mocha. All I'd done was pull out my money and the nail polish got scraped. Yuck. At least I enjoyed a gentle massage of my feet (as the swelling finally goes down). And my massaging chair was amazing, once one of my two techs figured out the best deep massage that didn't include my head, but did roll under my butt. OMG.

I was done so quickly with the beauty part of my mall visit that I had lots of time to go to the drugstore and stock up on beauty supplies. Yay. And I finally picked up a couple of sammidges, eating one (turkey salad with bacon) while waiting for my ride at 3:45. My driver was early and I rewarded him by giving him a sekrit route that avoided ALL the rush-hour traffic.

I collapsed when I got home, then watched some TV. I also called my own pharmacy to get eyedrops. I asked for delivery for tomorrow, but was offered tonight which I jumped on. Better to get things over with. So I sat in SuM's living room, watching TV, and monitoring activity under the porch light. The delivery guy finally showed up around 8:30. SuM also texted me so I'd know when they were getting in tomorrow. It's late enough that I can do laundry after my groceries are delivered. Also a scheduling yay.

Now I deserve a lovely sleep. ::crosses fingers::
... and didn't wake up until 7:30. I'm attributing this biological anomaly to the fabulous ginger beer (topped off by the non-alc version before I'd gone to bed last night. Also, no dreams which is a HUGE relief.

Had a quiet day surrounded by cats. Sounds good to me. In the early evening, I placed by grocery order. As they're out of Perrier, I decided this would be a good time to have a water testing (just like a wine tasting, though how do I cleanse the palate between?). I'll ask my computer ... tomorrow (as my face is sliding off ... my face). Why am I so out of it? Well, I was on the phone for more than an hour on the phone with the meals admin ...who is asking for my editing skills. Sure, no prob. I just finished a short time ago.

Anyway, I feel my brain blurring and words drying up, so I'm off to bed with just a wee titch of reading, as the Trek book is compelling.
OMG. I was SO sick this afternoon and didn't know whether I'd actually make it out the door for Pub Night. I know, I know. How shallow of me. But these were my peeps and this was another opportunity to meet a few new people. Luckily, after taking necessary measures (miraculous meds), I managed to be out the door shortly after 3:30. I was being picked up at 3:55 for an arrival time of 4:45. Naturally (ha!), my minivan got me there at 4:19. I was the first one there and had the run of the place. But, OTOH, I got to talk beer with the bartender. I'd originally asked whether they had (non-alcoholic) Jamaican ginger beer (to settle my tum) but they had real alcoholic ginger beer. So I ordered it. It was quite nice, even if it's alcohol percentage was low. But I thought I should play it safe.

After a while people began dribbling in. One woman I remembered from the last pub night. Then a man who's starting a book club sat across from me. Later, I met a charming Englishwoman who said her visual impairment manifests in fuzzy vision, what we might see in a flashback sequence in an old movie. So I had loads of peeps to talk to. Apart from the beer (times two), I splurged on calamari ... and then had no appetite to tackle the lamb curry. So it's currently sitting in the fridge for tomorrow.

I'd been so worried about being picked up at 8:20 p.m. but my driver was early. Still we went "sightseeing" as he picked up another client. But he got me home at 9:05, while there was still a tiny bit of light ... and he did help me into the house. Bless him.

This morning, after another disruptive night, I began reading my Trek book. Oh, hi, Wesley. He was back from the Travelers who'd all bugged out when he told them of the star-eating machine. So, when your cohorts can't help you, you seek out your good pal Jean-Luc Picard. ::nods sarcastically:: Uh-huh. Now I think I'm going to watch tonight's epi of MasterChef and then call it a night. Hello, night!
Well, that about sums it up. First waking, second waking, between which I had a number of strange dreams. In one, I was in a tea shop that had a lending library. But these books were odd. When you opened the hard cover, you got a video screen upon which the movie began playing immediately. I opened one that was porn, quickly realized that I should NOT be looking at it in such a public venue, so resolved to return at another time.

Then I was living in a co-operative arrangement (possibly with SuM) where all of our furniture was mixed. I had two very tall bookcases. One of my past loves, Lloyd, (now) deceased for a couple of decades, came over. He somehow managed to lean on the end bookcase, so that the top half bent over. I think I just managed to get him out, saying I'd fix the bookcases later.

There was a third scene, where I appeared to be looking for the tea shop so I could get the porn. But I got lost. I think I kept circling around Park Road (even though, technically, there's nothing there but ... parkland (duh). Sooooooo, I'm wondering what my subconscious was teasing me with.

Naturally, to add to the sleeping difficulties, I woke up all stuffed up. I blame Diva, of course.

The rest of the day was just one, long, hot blur. With requisite storm prequel (dark clouds, a jittery CeCe who wasn't even interested in her lunch but just wanted to hide). In the evening, in between watching my game shows (and, yes, I'd dozed off during the news AGAIN), I did a load of laundry so I'm all set for socializing tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm off to do some more reading and resting.
34. West, Lindy

Lindy is that female voice that refused to conform to societal standards: less than, a quiet girl, a good girl, and – above all – thin. After leaving The Stranger, she's written for a number of publications. I'm going to reread before I have to return it.

35-37. Jennings, Maureen
Murdoch Mysteries: Poor Tom's Cold
Murdoch Mysteries: Let Loose The Dogs
Murdoch Mysteries: Night's Child

Maureen was born in England in 1939 and emigrated to Canada. I didn't know what to expect when I borrowed these three books. I'm not sure if there are more available, but I certainly don't care to check. Why not? Well, the tone of the books is heavy and the murders are gruesome. In the TV series, there is still a lot of darkness and emphasis on societal inequality, but nothing to the extent of what's in these books. Here, Murdoch resents that he'll never be named as detective because of his Roman Catholicism. And Brackenreid is really portrayed as a pompous buffoon. So the primary attraction for reading these books for me was all the little details of the Toronto of yesteryear.

38. Mack, Paul
Star Trek: The Persistence of Memory

My BFF recommended this book to me. Imagine my frustration to get to the end, only to find out that it was the MIDDLE book of a trilogy. So, yes, I've borrowed the bookends, but haven't begun reading them yet.

This book is set in the Next Gen universe featuring Worf as Picard's promoted No. 1 a few years down the road after Riker has FINALLY assumed command of his own ship. There's a new enemy that seems to have many advantages that totally baffle Starfleet. How did someone access the special facility that houses Noonien Soong AI models and steal them? Where did the perp or perps beam them to? After the planet is locked down, is there an invisible vessel that's been able to take off without leaving any trace? Just one problem after another. First, the Enterprise has to find out HOW the theft was committed and HOW to find where they are now. Even after they're located, the Enterprise has to overcome all sorts of seemingly impenetrable defences. But the good guys prevail, though not without gut-wrenching loss.

The list is a lot shorter. I blame the heat and wonky eyesight days. Also, I decided to reread No.33: "Rogue One" which was long. Let's see how August goes.


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