Well, I certainly couldn't complain. The cats allowed me to sleep. Yay. The sun was dazzling out and the temperature was above freezing. Now that's a miracle in TO. My driver cautiously escorted me up and down the skating rink of my driveway. Arrived at church at 9:30 and went into the open Sanctuary where light was streaming in through the windows, welcoming me (and I could even read the order of service). Brent gave me his traditional shoulder pat as he passed me by (after sprinting down the stairs; sigh, he's so lucky). Ash was at church and confirmed the 28th to celebrate her birthday. I, OTOH, informed church-John that there is NO way we're going to Sunday brunch at the King Edward Hotel - not during this brutal winter. All I want to do on Sundays is to get home as quickly as possible and veg. So, we'll do brunch in March or April. In the meantime, we'll get together some weekday this month so I can celebrate his birthday. Socializing definitely makes me a happy camper.

Unfortunately, I was less lucky with my ride home which was due at 1:05 but didn't show up until 1:30. Sigh. Still, I got home safely and the driver lifted my walker up onto the front porch. Unfortunately, the side-effects of the cold (but how could that be? uh, because I'd sat outside like a brave little toaster for 25 minutes, duh) lingered through the rest of my Sunday. After writing and posting my inspired review of the service, I finally had lunch - a couple of open-face jellied meat-on-rye sandwiches. Only then did I crawl into bed, still wearing most of the clothes I'd had on at church. In fact, I just changed a little while ago, because SuM's ex and son came over. While here, the adjusted the house temperature to a bearable level. Anyway, I dozed for a couple of hours and am now continuing my inner heating routine by having a bowl of kimchi instant noodles. Oooooh, hot ... and not!

Before SuM's ex left, we talked about the divine seafood at the local fish'n'chips place. She's willing to get takeout (she wants clam strips; I want calamari) so that I don't have to struggle to go out when I'm wiped out. Oh, I'm tempted. But I'll see how I feel tomorrow (though I need to do laundry). In the meantime, my noodles are calling my name. Time to get warmer.


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