Don't ask where my body and mind were, waking me up before 6:00 a.m. ::growls in frustration:: The only good thing about having all this empty time to think is that I looked up times for "Rogue One", wanting to go a week from tomorrow. Only problem, with the holidays over, there are no more early-early shows and it would be dark out when I'd be getting home. So I took a risk and booked my rides for this coming Saturday. I think I'll still be okay at the 12:10 show in a regular theatre, with two others in the multiplex offering the movie in two types of 3D. And I'll get home late afternoon. Yay.

I felt relieved to get a text from SuM shortly after noon, saying she was leaving. I even asked my phone for the distance between where she was and home, so I could calculate approximate driving time. Hee - you'd think I was sounding desperate. Not exactly, but just wanting private time without responsibility for the house and cats. Not that the cats were complaining, sleeping sprawled all over the place, especially Grumpy who now loves sleeping next to my pillow.

TV Wednesday was boring, with only my game shows and a repeat of Dragon's Den. ::shrugs:: Anyway, I still have an article to transcribe and print about nutrition and eyesight for my blind group tomorrow, so I'd better hop to it. And then spread out in my (MY) bed. Sounds like a plan.


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