But feeling really old after being on the road for a long time on a trutally cold day.

Still, I had a good day. The sun actually came out while I was being driven to the west end for my vision loss group. My driver was absolutely outrageous. It's possible he thought I was much younger than I am (because of the bright colours I wear) because he was wondering why I'm not trying for a new relationship. Yes, he was out of line, but he was charming and funny. After all, the last time I was driven to the west end, that driver said that, after I'd given him my transit pass number, he'd ask for my phone number! Today's driver also elicited more old memories of schooldays as he drove by my high school that is slated for demolition and rebuilding.

Okay, enough with me being flattered, etc. I was picked up at 10:30 (eek) so I could have enough time to pick up my pass. Ooh, shiny. And the number is easy to remember. The co-leader and I read our articles. Hers was on Menière's Disease which she and another member both have. It involves balance problems (vertigo, room spinning, etc.). I was surprised to hear that one trigger is Demerol because I experienced the room spinning after I had a wisdom tooth removed decades ago. When my bachelor apt. began to spin around me, I decided to move to a larger 1-bedroom apt the next day! I read my article on nutrients that protect our eyes. We were both surprised to see the old co-leader show up, completely unintentionally, as he was there just to pick up his transit pass. But he's back in TO temporarily so will drop in again if our meetings synch with his schedule.

My ride home was amazingly fast (going through my enchanted forest, too), so I was relieved. Spoke to SuM for a bit about venturing out to the movies and then went to collapse in my space. I kept dozing off, first during the news, then during both game shows. Sigh. At least I stayed awake for (what I considered to be) an absolutely hilarious The Big Bang Theory. Sherpas!!! Snorfle.

Looking forward to a sugar-fuelled sleep. Hey, someone had to polish off the weeks' old chocolate hazelnut mini croissants! Righteous indignation and justification make good buddies.


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