It was that kind of a day. Woke up before 8 which was passable. But I was zonked around 1, so decided on a two-hour nap. Woke up after four, thanks to my ancient cellphone alarm which also informed me that TODAY is January 1, 2000. Oh, look. It's Y2K!!! At least I was awake for the news (more horror shooting news) as well as my game shows. After cooking a huge dish of multi-coloured peppers with leftover angelhair pasta, I munched and munched my way through All. Those. Peppers, eventually getting tired again and dozing off for about an hour.

Okay, I'm up, I'm up. At least enough to comment on Savage Love and then watch tonight's first-run epi of MacGyver. After staring at the lead actor, I've finally figured out why he's so appealing to me. It's because he's like a very young Michael York. ::emits a dreamy sigh::

Well, I'm back to munching on more peppers and trying to catch up on some of my sites. Can't stay up too late because of my movie tomorrow. So, yay, and g'night!


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