Sigh. Still, it was a huge waltz down memory lane, going to see "Rogue One". I was thrilled it was a brilliantly sunny day both ways. Anyway, because the movie was not in a 3D format, the theatre wasn't very full. I was relieved. What wasn't as friendly was how dark the film seemed. I found out years ago that some movie chains don't bother getting dedicated 2D copies if they're also showing 3D. Only problem is that playing 3D on 2D equipment produces a darker image. So a lot of the action was lost to me. Um ... can I read a script somewhere? But there were many parts I did enjoy. And remembered the good old days when I had a competition with a friend's bf to see who could see "A New Hope" more times. We even went on Christmas Day one year on a bitterly cold night, returning to my place for hot tea, cookies and seedless green grapes. Do I have a good remembery or what?

I wouldn't mind seeing the movie again on DVD, but certainly won't shell out the money to buy it. I'd just like to see it more clearly (especially if I do it first thing in the morning).

My driver was more than 20 minutes early to pick me up, so I got home at 3:20 (providing another example of instantaneous beaming technology, lol). SuM hadn't left yet for the library, so I quickly gave her my ID and, when she returned, I had a shiny new library card. Yippee! Can't wait to borrow my first e-book. Um ... after I've given my eyes a rest.

With stupid football dominating my news provider, my only TV was game shows (and repeats at that). After that, I read a delightful N.C.I.S./SGA crossover fic. Actually, I still have a wee bit to finish. So I'm going to get back to reading and then wash my face. Beddy-bye sounds sybaritic. Mmmmmm.


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