So, the toasty warmth was majorly delayed and was only uncovered a short while ago. How? Well, I saw something unusual on my FB page, namely "1 unidentified item" on the right side of my screen. What??? So I clicked on it. It was an unposted comment on my timeline, sharing and hugely complimenting me on my devoted service via my summary of church on December 11. I swear I never saw that weird indicator before. Anyway, I love knowing that what I'm contributing (to the best of my limited physical ability) resonates with people. Now if only the warming effects could be bundled up to cocoon me all winter long.

Otherwise, it was a brutally cold and windy day. With the temps around 15F and a windchill of 0F, I would have loved to have stayed snuggled in bed. But, no. This "devoted" camper went off to church bright and early. At least it really was bright, with dazzling sunshine pouring in through the windows of the Sanctuary. What else poured in was the liquid gold sounds from our guest musicians - a brass quintet. The first played a smoooooth jazzy ballad and then some gorgeously contrapuntal brilliance from J.S. Bach. I was also thrilled that my driver was already waiting when I left the church and got me home very quickly.

I didn't write all that much about the service (very little from the Lesson/Sermon) and then I relaxed. I tried watching last night's Saturday Night Live but dozed off at some point and again at the end. Imagine my shock to wake up, see my cellphone saying 7:44 - and thinking it was TOMORROW morning. Well, how was I to know, especially if it was a dark morning. I was so relieved to find out it was STILL today. Anyway, I hope I can still get some deep sleep, even if it's only to bolster my immune system.


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