Just too many fours affecting my exhausted body and mind. How about waking up at 4:40? Brutal. But I stayed up, reading, having brekkie, watching yesterday's 6:00 p.m. news as well as last Friday's Shark Tank, before pouring myself back into bed at 11:30, setting the alarm for 2:30. So, you'd think that was enough sleep. You'd be wrong. Mind you, I didn't warm up until after I'd had my supper (baby mushroom and onion pierogi that I tossed into cream of mushroom soup).

Kept nodding off during the news and then my game shows. It was only when I switched to Treehouse that I was captivated by a kids' show to which I'd heard the theme before but never watched. It was adorable, with our three explorers boring their ship to the centre of the earth to recover their lucky penny. I do miss having more grown-up cartoons to watch, but it's reassuring to have some fun juvenile ones.

Anyway, now that I'm awake, I'm going to catch up on the news of the day ... including the fallout of Meryl's speech. I can just imagine the fallout on I(gnore I)nauguration Night. Okay, enough about politics, I need some reaffirming fic to read!


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