Even though I went to bed after 1 (or was it nearly 2?), my body woke me up at 3:15 in the grips of a disturbing vivid dream in which I'd been affected by the flooding of my old neighbourhood (trufax) and found half of my possessions in the vestibule of the church with no way of getting home or accessing the other half of my possessions (hello, clothes, food, etc., etc.). I was only getting superficial compassion from the person who'd moved my stuff (he's with our Altar Guild). That's when I woke up. Rolled over and tried to sleep again. Managed to until nothing woke me up at 4:45. Arrgghh.

I stayed up, read, had brekkie and watched last night's very creepy Murdoch Mysteries even though I was lost as it referenced actions that had happened before I'd begun watching the show. Still, most effective.

When SuM came home, she reminded me we were having Movie Night. Tonight. We are? Okay. She baked my decadent Bourbon chicken wings and fried some frozen pierogi. OMG, the food was excellent! As for the movie, she'd chosen "The Girl King" about the life of Queen Christina of Sweden. We really enjoyed it even though it was rough slogging as there were subtitles in Portuguese obliterating the English subtitles whenever the characters were speaking anything other than English. Oy.

Right now, I'm just hoping that all the good food will induce an all-night-long sleep. ::crosses fingers::


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