Uh ... body? Dear? You weren't meant to wake up at 3:15. Or feel the need to eat lunch at 10:00 a.m. Or have two naps during the course of the day. [Even though, technically, human beings - when deprived of clocks and windows - naturally follow a 5 hours awake / 2 hours awake rotation. But NOT at bloody 3:00 a.m.!!!

Sigh. Well, at least when I was awake, I enjoyed watching last night's Dragons' Den epi, with eager hopefuls seeking a "second chance". Beyond that, I've been reading a really long mixed fandom (Buffy, Sentinel, still waiting for N.C.I.S. to pop up) fic. Haven't been on social media all day long, so will swing by before going back to bed ... whenever that is. Good thing I don't have any responsibilities (except for being the resident gate-keeper, letting Grumpy in from the garden late morning after SuM texted me) until church on Sunday morning.


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