I'm now feeling almost-human after two bottles of it. Far, far better than how I started my day. First, I woke up unable to breathe (and apparently dreaming I was unable to breathe!) at 4:40. But, somehow, I did fall back to sleep for another couple of hours. Still, the stuffed-up-ness continued.

I'm just so relieved I'd done laundry yesterday so I didn't have to worry about doing anything. Watched last night's Shark Tank. Had my first bottle mid afternoon and dozed off as I was suddenly able to breathe freely. The relief dissipated after several hours, so I've just had a second bottle along with my painkillers.

I'm about to watch Jeopardy! recorded earlier, and then have my hot lemon drink. I'm on duty tomorrow, so need to be healthy. ::crosses fingers:: Unfortunately, the friend I was supposed to meet tomorrow is still too sick to attend, which means a delay in the project we're working on. Sigh.


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