If it's Sunday - and it is - then I'm just grateful I survived the night with only one accidental wakeup. Still, 5:45 hurt. As did not breathing and being so disoriented that I found my body out of alignment with the bed. Sigh. I ended up rejecting my volunteer duty at 7:45 (and hoping my team leader would see it). At least it wasn't precipitating, though it was a dull day. So off I went to church, armed with a fresh box of tissues and a hazmat disposal unit (aka plastic bag).

I arrived at 9:10 and got to hear all the glorious music through the walls and doors. I kept my distance from the people I usually hang out with. And I apologized in person to my team leader. Sigh. But church-John gave me hash browns for later; I gave him my supplement shopping list. And clarified my invitation to celebrate his birthday on the last Thursday or Friday this month. The church celebrated Martin Luther King Jr Day, especially in music - which had a lot to do with making me feel better (that I was silly enough to wait outside for my cab that was late). Okay, I'm not doing that again, as my cab was very, VERY late. But, soon enough, I was on my way home.

Well, home as in cat sanctuary because two of the cats had made themselves at home on my bed and couch. Hee - they love my place even when I'm not there. SuM mentioned she was going to pick up her son so they could go for a walk that involved the bad dog. Ha - that meant the third cat eventually sought refuge with me while I was busy writing my church review. Finally, there was peace in the house and I was alone. Good thing because I dozed off while watching last night's Saturday Night Live. Man, a certain somebody is going to end up with an aneurysm reacting to the show week after week (after week). The opening skit was brutal and brilliant.

With stupid football overwhelming so many channels, I watched back-to-back epis of Big Bang Theory including the climactic ShAmy repeat from last season. Still going awwwwwww. Dozed off again. So, how do I know I'm sick? Not hungry, but I think I'll have a lemon tart now. It should take away that sock-in-mouth taste. Blech. Anyway, hoping to be able to sleep tonight (oh, please). Until tomorrow, sending out soothing vibes to the universe.


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