Let's just call it Twisted Tuesday (doesn't sound as good as Freaky Friday, but it's not Friday). Imagine my delight to find myself sleeping all the way to 6:57 ... or 6:58. Simply blissful. I was happy even if the weather was dour: chilly with rain. I exuded cheerfulness when I received my meal delivery and when I ordered next week's. Okay, okay. You may need to check for a pod under the bed.

Had a demi-doze in the late afternoon, so I don't really remember what happened in the News. OTOH, ever since reading about how luscious pork chops are when made in a slow cooker, I've been hunting recipes and found one that appeals to me. It involves pork chops. And sauerkraut. That's it. No separate sautéing (thank the universe). So, I'm going to make it using my jar of Polish red cabbage with some dried minced onion and sesame seeds (because I don't have caraway - sigh). The only problem now is remaining patient, as I won't be getting groceries delivered until mid next week.

Enjoyed both N.C.I.S. and Bull tonight (and had watched Nola this morning). Both Naval shows really went after government corruption. Ugh. Though I feel sorry for the real Nola, considering that's at least twice the fictional Mayors have been exposed as sleazebags.

Just so you don't think today was absolutely perfect, once again I'd inadvertently switched on the accent soft key. Oy. I hate it when that happens. Must remember: Ctrl + Shift. Why did I think it was three keys simultaneously? Do I always have to complicate everything? Okay, time to check on my social media to see what else happened in the world today.


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