Because I just woke up from an inadvertent nap. Entirely understandable - if unfortunate - as I'd originally woken up at 5:16 a.m. Sigh, right?

My accomplishments of the day? Uh ... ordering my groceries? Nah, haven't completed my shopping list for the two birthday celebrations. So ... watching Dragons' Den recorded earlier? Nope, as that's how I began to doze off before switching to cartoons. Hmmm ... being Jeopardy! champion tonight? Not when it involves weird American history AND geography?

Here I am - faced with a dichotomy, wanting to pretend it's still yesterday, when yesterday held nothing. Oh, wait. There was ... something. I e-mailed Brian about our potential joint birthday sillybration and he replied. He's not keen (my, I may be overdoing italics here) on the oyster house and suggested an upscale steak house. But I'm not keen on beef or being somewhere where we can't necessarily hang out for sheer hours. It's a dilemma. I then suggested Tapas. So far, just crickets. Sigh.

Well, at least my legs aren't freezing while I'm in front of the computer. And THAT is my accomplishment (aided most likely by shifting winds) for the day! Yes, of course I'm silly.
I know I definitely wasn't when I woke up - fully pouting - at 6:19. Oh, body, why do you do this to me? As I was up, I began to hunt in earnest through my journal entries from two years ago, trying to find the exact nibbles I'd served my guests. I was successful. Oooh, pear? I'd forgotten that (as it complements blue cheese so well). So I logged on to my grocery site and began the arduous task of ordering. A couple of hours later and several hundreds of dollars poorer (trust me), I was done - having purchased an even 100 items! I'd spent so much, I actually saved $35 by buying several items on sale. Only when I was finished after 10 did I reward myself with brekkie.

Imagine my surprise about an hour later, when I was gathering my recycling, to look out the window and see Grumpy's face pressed against the window. What the---? I immediately rushed to the kitchen door and tried calling him. When he didn't appear, I was worried that this old guy might not be able to leap up onto the garden gate. But I certainly wasn't prepared to go outside, not in my nightie, velour top, and fuzzy slippers. No snickering, please. Luckily, the intrepid macho explorer was done reliving his glory days and finally made it onto the back deck. Whew. I texted SuM to say that all cats were present and accounted for. Well, at least she replied to me.

Not like everyone else I was contacting today. I'd e-mailed several propositions for restaurants to Brian. Crickets. I also e-mailed Ash, firming up my invitation for next Saturday. More crickets. Finally, I e-mailed my co-leader of the blind group about plans for the two of us to have social time with a third woman in the springtime. Must be a cricket convention nearby. Oh, well. I guess they'll contact me eventually.

I watched a fascinating epi of Dragons' Den revealing the "DNA" of these remarkable people. I was intrigued to see that I had a connection to Joe, having actually shopped in the food shop his family had owned decades ago. And I was inspired by the stories of how these multi-millionaires had invariably been born into families where the only way for the parents to be able to provide for their children was to have two jobs EACH. Far more character-building than knowing there are idiots who inherited money and squandered it foolishly. [Why, no, I'm not thinking of anyone in particular.] I also watched an outrageous Big Bang Theory while trying to stifle my shrieks (so I wouldn't disturb SuM).

I guess I'd better find something to eat before I take my painkillers, etc. I think there's some yogurt calling my name. And, then, time to go to sleep, not wanting to think about tomorrow ... when we'll all be plunged into the Twilight Zone, especially with the world tilting into uncharted territory.


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