I don't believe I'm being dramatic, but it sure feels as if it's really tonight ... with no sunrise expected for a very long time. All in all, it was just a weird day. I was relieved not to wake up until 7:33. That felt wonderful.

So what was I doing during the I-word? Honestly? Washing my hair. I wanted to be out of the shower by the time SuM's partner showed up early afternoon. I used a new shampoo that's supposed to encourage curling hair. Well, my hair is sorta, kinda, more fluffy and not tangled, though it felt like rubber when I was rinsing.

I kept my TV off until 5 - and got three hours of TV in, including the news which I tried to ignore. Sigh. I'm amazed to examine the thought of 1800 buses converging on DC tomorrow for the protest march. There's a couple buses coming in from TO, filled mostly by ex-pats, but with TO folk included. Mind you, Canadian passengers have been warned that they may be turned away at the border if they verify they're attending the march. Dirty pool, border guards.

With my regular TV shows suspended this evening, I didn't know what to do with myself. So I switched the channel to Nature Music and lounged on the couch, wrapped up in my cozy thick capelet in front of my fireplace. For a while, I could imagine I was in a tropical paradise as the birds sang and the water rippled. Man, I think I'm going to be calling on my powers of delusion often from now on. May you all find equally protective nooks and crannies.


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