I'm glad I can play Solitaire on my phone again - even if it's not the game I had on my last phone. I find it very easy to get sleepy while playing - until the phone drops out of my hands or falls toward my face. Last night, the phone slammed into my lips TWICE. Do you have any idea of how much that hurt?

After my phone-assisted sleep (not lol), I woke up at 6:05. As I was up that early, I sent the church cellist an IM and was shocked to get a reply back so soon. We went back and forth; it was pleasant. I also texted church-John after I'd transferred my repayment to his account. I don't know if he retrieved the funds yet. Oh ... c-J. Coincidentally, my FB memory for the day was of the time I hosted him (and his wee Maltese) at the cozy cottage in celebration of his birthday in 2014.

Ever since the upheaval after 11/9, I've been thankful for times of solitude. I'm actually cultivating it as a regular habit, either sitting on the couch, doing nothing, or lying in bed with the lights off, thinking nothing. It's very healing. Nowadays, we find solace in unusual practices.

Watching tonight's Murdoch Mysteries made me sad. Well, obviously, murders never fill one with glee, but it was the family connections - or lack of them - that made the episode so poignant.

I guess I'd better hie myself off to bed. I'll have to wake up around 6 tomorrow - deliberately - to book my rides for next week. One thing to be happy for is that there's only one more week to go until we're done with January. Buh-bye.


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