I may have had a testing malfunction in the morning when I thought I'd try to cook ONE chicken wing. Unfortunately, I reused a Styrofoam bowl that was overwhelmed by the power setting. So the bottom of the bowl got burned off. Oops. Cue cleaning the microwave.

At least I'd had a gorgeously full night of sleep. Drinking a can of Coke and another of tonic water didn't prevent me from dropping right off and not waking up until 8:30. I so needed that. After the microwave mess, I got my act together and started putting stuff together. By the time Ashley arrived (at 5:00), I'd cooked the Whiskey Mustard chicken wings, put out a really good guacamole, subdued black bean salsa, a too acidic corn salsa, cherry tomatoes, black olives, pickles (reminder to self: Ash doesn't like pickles), blackberries, red grapes, and leftover pineapple. All washed down by vodka and a good red grapefruit juice (her fave brand).

We ate, we talked, we moaned about our knees, we laughed, we enjoyed the fireplace, she's sourcing a Kobo eReader for me. She was very complimentary about the new furniture layout. She believes it makes my place look even bigger. By the time she left, we were both very mellow. [I have to laugh because she was apologizing for forgetting the bottle of wine she intended to bring. To which I replied she'd already brought over "housewarming" bottles twice and to ::giggles:: not do it any more, especially when we're celebrating her birthday.] I scurried to put leftovers away and wash ALL the dishes. Even though I used my silver snowflake napkin rings, I hadn't used my real silver flatware because of too many acidic foods.

Finally, I was done with chores and getting chilled, so I climbed into bed and watched my rerun game shows. I'd already watched last night's Shark Tank which was a first run epi. And, now, my eyes are drooping and I'm yawning. Could it be that I'm ready for bed? I vote YES!


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