Obviously, I'm talking about church. Though there were some dull parts, there was a lot of very uplifting music (jazzed up with the addition of a sax and drums) as well as witnessing the astonishing occurrence of prayers being said for the U.S. Oh, it's not the first time we've prayed for a country, but that's always been in the context of natural disasters. Whatever else he may be, he's most definitely not "natural". I was already upbeat because Brent had greeted me as he breezed out of the Sanctuary at the end of the previous service, but I really, really wanted to have him for either Anointing or Communion. Yay! My pewmate and I got him for the latter.

There must have been a few angels looking out for me because I didn't realize my (expensive) anti-glare visor had slipped out of my tote bag. I don't even know where. It could have been the floor, in which case someone could have easily crunched it into oblivion. But someone found me where I was waiting for my cab and asked if I was missing them. OMG.

When I got in, naturally my first obligation was to start writing my summary. I was also inundated by two sleepycats claiming sanctuary status. Grumpy spent most of the day sleeping. He's such a dear old guy. Once I'd posted a couple hours later, I devoured leftovers: chicken wings, guacamole, and grapes. Knew I was too tired to watch last night's SNL so just watched the news x 2. Hope I'll be much more with it tomorrow morning. Until then, ciao tutti.


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