Also a c-c-cold one. Luckily, my driver showed up early and rang the doorbell, so I didn't have to worry about freezing my fiddly bits off sitting outside. I arrived at the blind centre around 9:20, giving me plenty of time to read the news on my cellphone.

The meeting was slightly disjointed (what else is new). We had what was termed a panel (of 3) discussing volunteering but we basically just had three people offering their skills and service through various organizations. First up was Paul (who's on the executive; I attended a pizza party at his place). He talked about being in a bad place with an ugly divorce. He ended up volunteering at the 24/7 crisis centre, proving that you don't need to be able-bodied or sighted to be on the other end of the line. Then we got the pitch from one of the higher-ups at the crisis centre who talked about the training all volunteers get. It sure sounds thorough.

Next up was a woman who was responsible for gaining volunteers for the blind centre itself. Finally, we heard from a man who (I believe) had been on the board of directors at one of the hoity-toity churches in TO. He'd mentioned how, when he showed up for the first meeting, he was met in the hallway and instructed to address the others by first name only. Whatever the gulf in social status, in that room they were equals. We also heard from two other members of the group (who were given a 5 minute max limit). I've already forgotten about the guy, but the woman was someone who has SO. MUCH. ENERGY (yes, it bounces off the walls at you). I think I'll offer to speak about my volunteering at the next meeting.

We had our snack time and various info sheets were handed out about future events. I got confirmation that the Winterlicious lunch I want to do with church-John will last 2.5-3 hours! Well, good to know we won't be thrown out of the restaurant. But I still haven't found out about the bowling, lol.

I was picked up around 12:20 and so happy to be on my way home where I could warm up again. When I got in, there were fluffies starting to fall. And there I was, fighting with the carton holding my new cover for my walker. But I was determined and managed to get it out. And, then, with fumbling frozen fingers, I got inside. Oh, look. One of my tax slips from the provincial government. That means I should be receiving the other one soon. Finished off my slow cooker pork with red cabbage. I still can't believe how divine the cabbage was. Must make more often. Also with more baaaaaacon.

Heard the good news about Brent (and, no, I'm still not going to dignify the charges by putting them on MY screen). I also texted c-J about the lunch, promising more details when my fingers are working again.

With no TV to speak of (though I did record the Superbowl commercials), I commented twice on Savage Love. Almost like old times. Anyway, I'm fading quickly (and have to wake up early tomorrow to book my August appointment with the eye specialist), so I'll just go nighty-night, all.


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