February 2017
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11:23 pm

I can haz a headache?

11:30 pm

My brain was still good enough to....

11:30 pm

Finding joy in unexpected places.

11:36 pm

I think it's a teeter-totter day.

11:40 pm

Cultivating friendship.

11:14 pm

A Super Sunday - that had nothing to do with football.

11:19 pm

Too lazy to think of better words on a sybaritic Monday.

11:30 pm

I love my church. And my church loves me back.

11:58 pm

A great day for daydreaming.

11:27 pm

Delicious day is ... ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.

11:21 pm

Holy moly. I spent the entire day reading ONE fic.

10:48 pm

OMG. Where do I find the brakes ... for me!?!

11:47 pm

Had an utterly splendid day. Wish you were here.

11:34 pm

Finally switching my focus to writing for pleasure.

11:45 pm

No pressure makes for a terrific day.

11:01 pm

There IS a downside to indolence.

11:32 pm

The dream turned into a nightmare.

11:35 pm

An early start to productivity. Also sleeping cats.

11:11 pm

Am I actually living in the Twilight Zone? Survey says....

11:28 pm

Gorgeous day with lots of sunshine made me a happy camper!

11:38 pm

A fabulous Family Day ... spent with chosen family!

11:38 pm

Blonde, even when woozy, does a good deed!

11:30 pm

Ain't technology grand ... well, for some of us?

10:54 pm

I deserved my overindulgence. I'd earned it....

11:40 pm

Early to rise, early to ... zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

11:16 pm

6:01 a.m. and all's well.

11:13 pm

A day filled with hope and beauty.

11:59 pm

Grrrrrrrr. I fell this morning.

05:50 pm

FIC: "Always Time For Us" McKay/Sheppard T 1/1

10:10 pm

So ... yesterday?

10:31 pm

I have NO idea how I managed to get through a LONG day.



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