Waking up at 4:38 wasn't it. Neither was 6-something. Thankfully, 9:32 was found to be eminently acceptable.

Was too lazy to write a couple of e-mails to people at the church. Will do that tomorrow. Instead, I finally watched a recorded program on the greatest Superbowl commercials. Now, you should understand I've NEVER watched the Superbowl. The last football game I attended was the city high school championship match more than 50 years ago. I never cared for football, but getting the afternoon off was always great. [I still remember what I was wearing: charcoal grey lined wool slacks with a matching knit grey poncho with diagonal red stripes and a red fringe.]

So, imagine my surprise to be affected to such an extent that I actually CRIED over a few commercials, especially two from Budweiser (something I've never tried) involving two dogs, then a dog and horse!

Another unexpected pleasure was dinner. I'd already decided to heat up cream of cauliflower soup. Why I'd chosen such a bland soup, I don't know. I thought I'd give it some zip with my spice grinders. Then I was struck by genius. I added a portion of my fresh fettuccine pasta that really soaked up the soup. And there I was, eating "pretend" Alfredo! Yumm.

Was really thrilled for the multiple winner on Jeopardy!. She's well into the $100K division. Then watched a hilarious epi of Big Bang Theory before switching to the customary cartoons. So, a mostly good day followed by an invite to share in the cake at SuM's son's b-day party tomorrow evening. I told her my body hasn't gotten accustomed to her new schedule. LOL, as if she's accustomed to it. She isn't.


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