First thing. Body, pay attention. 3:05 is NOT an optimal time to wake me up. Neither is 6:32. 7:58 was acceptable. Still relieved I did fall asleep both times. Embarrassed to admit I'd fallen asleep wearing one glove backwards. Who does that? I guess I do. In any case, a stuffed-up nose seemed to be at least slightly responsible for my waking up.

There was reaffirming news on the political front. Our province stepped in, offering our city's children's hospital to provide life-saving humanitarian surgeries for all the children that were prevented from landing in the States. FFS, why isn't your government ashamed of this? Well, I guess it's just another meaningless detail that got overlooked. Though, by the end of the day, I don't know whether our offer will be needed, after a WA state judge issued a temporary restraining order. I wish the entire insiders' clique could be restrained in straight=jackets and gagged. ::spits nasty taste out of mouth::

Because I've been fighting a headache all evening, other than my game shows (Yay, Lisa won Jeopardy! again), I didn't bother watching my fave shows (new!epis, too). There's always tomorrow morning. At least there's a piece of b-day cake waiting for me in SuM's fridge. Something to look forward to for tomorrow.


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