Also having a terrific day which began - with no rude interruptions - shortly before 8 a.m. Woo-hoo for a full night's sleep! So I ended up having a very leisurely morning. Watched MacGyver and Shark Tank from last night. Always love Mac and his inventiveness. Was enticed by a product presented to the Sharks successfully: it's a smart-cart that's like a hand-cart, but also a bundle buggy that telescopes down into a tidy square. It even comes in pet carrier and stair climber(!) varieties. Wow. Where was it when I was lugging groceries home on the bus decades ago?

In the afternoon, I decided to send SuM an invitation to dinner tonight (as it's been just work and sleep day after day for her). I suggested she could fry up a bag of my mushroom-sauerkraut pierogi in the freezer so we'd have that as well as last night's birthday cake (chocolate truffle). She agreed. Yay. After that, I did a couple loads of laundry. Oh, how I love freshly-baked (hee!) towels right out of the dryer.

SuM got home around 8 and I joined her at 8:15. We had a very enjoyable dinner (washed down with Pepsi and then jasmine tea) and talked about all sorts of stuff. I'm really appreciating the increased opportunities to give her advice which she finds valuable, whether it's where she should go food shopping tomorrow morning before work (just the greengrocer a dozen blocks south) to how she might arrange her schedule when the weather gets warmer. But, then, I am an experienced armchair advice giver - as demonstrated by my suggestions on Savage Love. Yep. I did it again.

Anyway, I'd better get ready for my own rejuvenation tonight, beginning with my hot lemon drink because the last thing I need is to wake up from being all stuffed up. Ugh.


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