Not that "sybaritic" isn't good, but I wanted to use a word starting with "m". Anyway, just how sybaritic? How about sleeping in until 10:38? Simply glorious. Mind you, I was just getting in a decent night's sleep, having finally gone to bed at 2:00. Yes, I stayed up reading and enjoyed it.

When I woke up, I had more than just a late breakfast to look forward to. There was an e-mail invitation from that chosen baby brother of mine, to spend Saturday together, make future plans, and have chicken at Swish. Naturally, I said yes. I said I wanted to go Kobo e-Reader shopping because I want to finally be able to relax in bed or on the couch and read real books. So, I'm giddy with glee! Sent a follow-up e-mail to Ash about Kobo reccs from her techie friend, but no response.

Got the chance to watch most of Lady Gaga's routine from the Superbowl yesterday. After that, I read about the political significance of singing some of "This Land Is Your Land" (is that the real title?). Well, she also added the unofficial GLBT anthem "Born This Way" which wasn't a surprise. I texted SuM at lunch to mention she has to watch the skits from Saturday's Saturday Night Live.

My lazy day continued on to a lazy evening. Watched my game shows. Sad to see the current 6-day champ fold. But, hey, $139 grand is certainly not shabby at all. Tonight's Murdoch Mysteries was all over the map. Didn't get all the weird bits, but am not going to bother rewatching. Anyway, I think I'll read (for just a little while) and then make friends with my bed again. Sounds like a plan.


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