With bonus MG. Yes, it was divine, thanks to the amazing food and delightful company.

Woke up at 7 which gave me enough time (barely) to give myself a quick paraffin bath for my poor lobster hands. It was really cold out but, amazingly enough, the sidewalks were clean and dry. Church-John showed up, surprising me at 11:03. Uh, why no text, c-J? Oh, he just forgot his phone at home. Anyway, we were off, arriving at about 11:40, parking right in front of the restaurant. A whole bunch of my vision loss group were already there. Tables were set up in configurations of 2/4/6 and we chose the first free table, for 2. Soon enough we were joined by three people at the next table. Everyone was very jolly and sociable. I met new people which is always nice.

Now, on to the food. Even though I'd been debating which starter and entrée to have, I finally decided on the artichoke & spinach dip with tortilla chips while c-J had the veg. soup. But the ultimate taste sensation presented itself as Cajun baked tilapia in a lobster cream sauce with saffron rice and market veggies (crisp green beans, broccoli florets and stalks, green zucchini and a mystery veg, all bathed in butter). Yes, I moaned a lot and kept closing my eyes. The hilarious thing is that I had two glasses of a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Wine prices being as ridiculous as they are, my wine cost $26 while the three-course meal was $18. C-J ended up having the Pulled pork with mushrooms and caramelized onions on a brioche with frites. His dessert was Chocolate mousse while mine was a Crème Brulée with a chocolaty base. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. We took out time digesting our meals. I also nagged our fearless leader and he told me all about bowling. So I think I'll go bowling, even if it's only to watch and laugh. But it'll be a great way to get me out of the house. Uh ... when it's a bit warmer, because the bowling alley is far away from me. Sigh.

When c-J got me home, I was very mellow, but exhibiting strange after-effects from the wine. My vision was sharper, and colours more vivid, especially on my phone. Huh. Was this because of dilated pupils? Hey, bring on more wine, please.

Rescued SuM when she got in because she'd left her keys at work. Oops. Played cat-auntie for a bit, then got down to TV watching, from my game shows to an absolutely rollicking hilarious Big Bang Theory and a very energetic first epi of the new MasterChef Jr competition. Yay. Anyway, I'm pondering whether I should try to d/l a book tonight or tomorrow morning from the library, so I can get used to doing it. ::iz skeered:: Will wait until tomorrow when I have light and more energy. Right now, bed sure sounds loverly.


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