Uh ... I may have gone just a titch overboard with my fired-up intention/decision to get an e-Reader. There was one specific one that had an APP and Wi-Fi, so I wouldn't need to download to my desktop first (when borrowing from the library). I was EXCITED, people. So here I was urging Brian to go buy one - RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE.

Brian's been boasting that He. Knows. How. To. Speak. Helenka. Yeah, he probably does. So, while I was having trouble finding a store that had the e-Reader in stock (because it's flying off the shelves), he suggested I get myself an iPad mini which is apparently the same size as the e-Reader but offering so much more. Naturally, at a higher price, but still more versatile. So he suggested we go shopping. And we did.

Imagine my downcast face when I realized there was NO way in hell that I could manipulate the mini. He couldn't enlarge the font to a readable size for me. This is where I was slapped with the cold dead fish that is my blindness. I guess I've become so used to adapting things to obey me, I just can't imagine there are things that don't. Sooooo, next month (we're having monthly adventures), he's going to bring me his old mini (with a cracked screen) so I can test it at my leisure and see if I can bend it to my will.

In the meantime, I'm still going to borrow books from the library. But I certainly won't be reclining in leisure upon the couch or recumbent in bed. No, I'll be hunched over in front of the monitor on my desk. Sigh. Yeah, yeah, I get that I can't have EVERYTHING ... but that doesn't mean I'm not going to pout. A lot.

Anyway, while we were shopping, I picked up an adorable mini potted plant, some 'nanas, a large pack of porkchops, lots of chocolate (well, I was pouting), and a different brand of ginger beer. Though we were supposed to go to Swish for chicken, we both were in the mood for ribs, so headed to Montana's. A terrific decision, as these were the best ribs they've served us. Mind you, I brought half my meal home. Leftovers always welcome. Also, when Brian had arrived shortly before 2, he brought me a piece of his official birthday cake. Yum.

When we got in, I decided I wanted him to order me a whole lot of movies, etc. So he's going to scope them out ... and then I'll be a much happier camper. After he left, I puttered around, putting food away. Now I'm going to relax for a wee bit and watch last night's Shark Tank before going to bed and dreaming of next month's adventures with Brian. Because nothing is ever normal for us - with his GPS sending us to strange places tonight. We joked we'd end up in Montreal and then Vancouver from the directions. Yup, totally normal ... for us. [The earth, OTOH, is most likely doomed, lol.]


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