But, if you had been, I would have subjected you to a 5:30 a.m. (eeeeek) alarm, just so that I could curl my hair. Well, I did; but, as I couldn't see the temp. dial, the heat setting was much too low. But, still, almost curly hair. Then you would have seen me digging my heels in and refusing to wear boots to church, even though there was a thick layer of the white fluffy stuff making my walking in my shiny mary janes treacherous. But I was determined to look more soignée. I even dug out my slinky long-sleeved black top so I wouldn't have to wear a worn-out turtleneck sweater. I added my long tropical scarf and citrine chandelier earrings.

I got to church with lots of time to spare. When church-John showed up, I got a treat, namely mocha latte. Oh, the coffee really hit me and brought me back to life. It felt fabulous to be honoured. People had stopped me after the previous service to congratulate me. The Pastor reading the lovely description of the honour deserves an A+ for pronouncing my names perfectly. And people cheered when I stood up in acknowledgment. Awwwww, shucks. The service itself was incredible. It should come as no surprise that I spent more hours writing my summary - including Brent's Lesson - than I have before.

Once I'd posted, I had a bit of a break while SuM went for a walk with her son. They be ... weird, considering where they went they spotted a handful of deer! In the meantime, the cats were hanging out with me and Diva really thought it was vital that she throw up on my penguin fleece. What! Is this jealousy? So, I managed to wash and dry the fleece just before joining SuM at 6:00 p.m. for our communal dinner. I provided Buffalo wings with mild and hot sauces. SuM heated up two leftover potato pancakes which we had with sour cream, and naked snowpeas. We decided that the previous whisky-mustard wings were superior. So, now, it's up to me to see just how many varieties this premium chicken wing maker has.

We had a leisurely dinner before we both made our (mutual) excuses - such as sleeping well tonight. Hope so. Later I just watched the reruns of my game shows. Right now, I'm still having trouble warming up. I think I should throw myself into the dryer. Hope my sleep is decent as I'll have to wake up early to book rides. Story of my life. Sigh.


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