It's about time, eh. Looked up all the prompts from last year's [community profile] romancingmcshep (lovely to remember how quickly I'd snagged three of them ... and the writing was so easy). ATM, I want to use 2.5 prompts but put them all into one fic. It's the only possibility that excites me. So, beginning tomorrow, I'll be writing to honour (what else but) romance. Yes, awww.

Why couldn't I have started today? Well, because my body and mind sabotaged me by making me wake up at 6:17 (with the alarm set for 7). As I was up, I tried to book my rides for next Monday. Ha! The computer said "No" in very clear but confused language, insisting that my rides had to be booked for happening before 2:59 a.m. Why do I think the system was still operating on offering next Monday but only until very early in the morning. So I wasted the time until the phone lines opened at 7 and called in. After being on hold for 11 minutes, I got my request fulfilled. ::emits a huge sigh of relief:: Had a back and forth with both Jan and RS. Yay. After brekkie and a bit of reading, I was feeling exhausted by 11, so had a two-hour nap. By then, it was already the afternoon. What to do? How about feeling cold, shivering, and rubbing my damaged hands? Why, yes. Sounds so ... entertaining NOT. More like painful.

I finally got around to looking at the fic prompts in the evening and transferring them to a word doc. I also begged for help from Brian as he'd sent me an attachment (after the Google Sheet didn't work) with many of the TV shows and movies I want to get. Yes, I want REAL tangible Blu-Rays and DVDs. He'd priced them with two online sources. After I made my choices, I emailed my selections back.

I'm also giddy because SuM texted me in the afternoon. There are two movies we've been waiting to see for 13 looooong months. They're both available. Yay. So SuM picked them up after work and we're going to have a movie night tomorrow. Yay, again. Despite my tiredness and evol hand problems, I managed to watch tonight's Murdoch Mysteries. And that was my day. Looking forward to my writing tomorrow and hoping the words will flow.


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