Waking up after 9 (9:13 this morning) and eating brekkie a couple hours later disrupts the hours of opportunity during which I could be accomplishing ... stuff. Like writing. Not only my fic but also my second review of the service (for which I received a lovely comment and "Like" from the church). So, just what was I doing in the morning? Oh, watching last night's shows: two N.C.I.S. epis and one of Bull. After that, my eyes hurt so much, I spent the rest of the afternoon lying in bed. Sigh. ::puts resolve face on:: Tomorrow will be different. I have to cook my pork chops AND write the review.

SuM told me she's taking Friday off and going away for the weekend. That means cat sleepovers and having the house all to myself. So I moved up my grocery delivery to Friday afternoon. It's a smaller order, so I might get more in about 10 days.

Okay, time to drift off to sleep, dreaming of the lovely aromas of slow cooker pork in a French onion soup perhaps enhanced by bacon and 'shrooms. Nommmm and nighty-night.


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