Well, metaphorically. So, I went to sleep exactly at midnight. The numbers looked so orderly. So promising. BZZRT. Wrong answer. Instead, I opened my eyes at 2:57 and shrieked silently. I got out of bed and went on the computer. I added more items to my grocery order, sent an e-mail to Brian, and worked on my fic. For several hours. Without even considering brekkie. I did put the porkchops in French onion soup at 8:10, setting the timer for 8 hours.

Around 10, I really, really needed to go back to bed. So I did, relying on my instincts to wake me up at a reasonable time. That time was 1 p.m. But, even though my head seemed better, my back was shrieking at me. So. Not. Fair.

Consequently, there was no more writing to be done. I stayed in bed and watched last night's Dragons' Den that was uninspiring. I finally had some of the pork later. Chops too thin and the meat really did fall off the bone. It's too bad I couldn't add the Polish pickled red peppers - because I couldn't get it open. The slight acidity would have helped with the blandness of the meat. Perhaps next time.

I thought I was going to scream in political outrage when I saw bits of that man's press conference on the evening news. Monkeys could have strung sentences together better. In more positive news, I was bolstered by studies showing that people (I think it was older adults) taking lots of Vitamin D fare better at avoiding contracting pneumonia or even the flu. Hey, I take 4,000 IU (to prevent bone loss), so I'm a happy camper. Then I enjoyed tonight's hilarious Big Bang Theory. Oh, Sheldon. Also watched the second round of eliminations on MasterChef Jr. Now I'm just trying to make myself feel better with the fake ginger beer and chocolate. Hope they work.


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