Let's face it. I have a weird body and mind. I'd gone to bed wrapped up in my cozy capelet, shivering. I woke up at 4:57, sweltering in all of my layers and under several covers. Also, not breathing. So I got out of bed after 5 and decided to finish last week's church review. Cued up the service and watched the entire thing, just to get into the vibe. Reviewed much of the music as well as noting some more emotionally touching actions from Brent. I edited my original FB post and was so relieved to have closed yet another task.

I fed the cats and then enjoyed my own brekkie until the inevitable crash happened. I crawled back into bed – freezing again – at 11, setting the alarm for 1:30. Cue very weird dreams. So, it turns out that I – among lots of other people – was supposed to be appearing in a skit on a comedy show. The first time was really easy. After checking in at makeup and wardrobe, I was sent into a large hall where we did our bit and everything was over. But, then, I was asked back for a skit with a greater profile. I had to play an instrument that looked like a banjo, using a violin bow. The banjo was completely white, including the strings. When I showed up at makeup, I was wearing black slides (they're important). The makeup person decided to highlight my eyes by threading a sparkly blue ribbon ::grimaces:: through my eyelids!!! But it didn't hurt at all and my eyes looked fabulous. I have no recollection of what I'd been given to wear. However, I wanted to get rid of my slides back at wardrobe, then wandered back to where I thought I should be. Alas, because I was late, they'd gone ahead with the skit without me ... so no new fame for me. And here I was stuck with this blue ribbon in my eyelids and I thought I'd get an infection. Ack. What to do, what to do. Well, I woke up feeling very disoriented. As I was still cold, I stayed in bed until 2:30, then scurried off to have a hot shower, but was too chicken to get my hair wet. Sigh.

I finally got around to doing the laundry at 3, keeping my fingers crossed some of my do-not-dry items would be wearable for church. ::crosses fingers::

The rest of the day dissolved into mindlessness, though I was ticked off in the evening to note that my rides provider had changed my ride home from church to 3:30 (i/o 12:30). So I was on hold on the phone to talk to an agent. Finally got through after an hour, but got the ride switched back. Huge sigh.

The only amazing thing today was the weather: 57F and sunny. Though I only stuck my head out the front door to get the Saturday paper, at least I enjoyed sitting in the living room watching the sun highlighting various pieces of furniture indoors while the branches of the pine tree trembled from the brisk winds. Tomorrow and holiday Monday won't be as warm, but it's still such a welcome reprieve from the traditional dreariness of February. Yay!


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