And that was even with me setting the alarm for 5:30 (having gone to bed at 12:20). But I'd had my hot lemon drink so I could breathe and the cats cooperated by not indulging in World War Cat. So, a terrific morning. I continued on a happy note by omitting a turtleneck and scarf from my layers. My bus was early and I had fun chatting with my Macedonian driver. She loved the brooch on my beret, so we had lots to talk about. When I got to church, I received more praise for last week's honours. Awww, thanks, y'all.

When church-John showed up, we talked about getting together later this week. As he's letting my e-transfer expire (because he just couldn't figure out how to redeem it - and he's ONLY 3.5 years older than I am), he said he'd drive me to the bank so I could withdraw the cash. Then he'll take me to the drugstore so I can get more of my fave facial toner. And, finally, we're going to go have fish (or seafood) at the well-known restaurant not too far away. I'm hoping we can do all of that on Thursday.

As always, the service was inspiring. My new cellist friend was this week's Angel, so I surprised him by congratulating him before the service! He had no idea. We also had a double minority couple (black & straight) share their stories as this week's Lesson. Brent was on vacay, so my fave Sam presided. I had a leisurely wait OUTSIDE after the service, coat unbuttoned, glove-less, basking in the sun and chatting with friends until my cab arrived early. I was happy to get home and get cracking on my review. After that I could relax until SuM got home (she'd texted me when she was leaving). Okay, kitties, your vacay with Auntie Helenka is so ovah. SuM really appreciated that I was able to step in.

After my busy morning, all I wanted to do was crawl into bed, so I did. Wasn't really paying attention during the news and there's never anything on TV Sunday evenings. So I continued to lie in bed until after 8:30. Then I returned to the computer. Now that I've fulfilled half of my writing assignments, I can't wait to finish. Though not tomorrow, as I'll be celebrating Family Day with my chosen family. And yummy chicken. Nom.


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