March 2017
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11:27 pm

Hump day? A definite letdown.

10:40 pm

Oops? I think I need to send apologies to my poor, poor eyes.

11:23 pm

Half a day is still better than none.

11:40 pm

Friendships, as golden as today's sun.

11:25 pm

For I am weary and have many pages to read before I sleep.

11:04 pm

See. Helenka. Read.

11:48 pm

Bored. Blind. Aggravated. And sleepy.

08:55 am

Bored. Blind. Aggravated. And sleepy???

10:28 pm

A tiny speck of hope in a wasteland of aggravation, anxiety, and impatience.

11:36 pm

When my body wins the recharging race....

10:30 pm

Productivity early in the day leads to evening brain drain.

10:53 pm

Cats, cold, and laundry?

10:45 pm

Come one, come all, come to laugh at the blonde's foibles.

11:47 pm

See me NOT laughing at the alarm.

11:30 pm

Simple math: take 1 silly and add 1 silly. What do you get?

11:32 pm

Goofing around is a great time waster. Who knew?

11:20 pm

Wooooo. What a rush ... spending money is.

11:37 pm

Back to basics.

11:17 pm

Everyone loves a fireman, right???

11:48 pm

Oops! Where did the time go to? I blame the cats, natch.

11:15 pm

Reading should come with warnings!

11:40 pm

... with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head?

11:36 pm

A little of this, a little of that.

11:40 pm

Too bad that reading for displeasure was part of my day.

11:24 pm

The times of my day.

11:17 pm

Wrong hour. Wrong day. I give up.

11:25 pm

Of cats ... and a pig???

11:24 pm

My iPad needs a name. Hmm. How about Tax Refund?

11:22 pm

What a terrific day for making new friends.

11:11 pm

Recharging batteries is sometimes the most valuable (non) activity.

11:31 pm

Aggravation of the electronic kind. Sigh.

11:27 pm

I feel pretty, oh so pretty....



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