My day did not get off to a good start. No, waking up at 6:03 didn't come close to beginning to replace my lost sleep. Sitting in SuM's living room (with her and her new partner, though a pleasant time) for about 1.5 hours waiting for my meals to be delivered, then learning they'd forgotten me and wouldn't be able to deliver until tomorrow morning was definitely aggravating and frankly insulting. Do I actually have to call them and tell them to look in the freezer or write a post-it note? Arrgghh. Good thing I'd had a heated bagel with paté for brekkie (but that's not the point).

Back in my space, I tried to watch Monday's Murdoch Mysteries. They had a young, creepy-yet-goofy Lovecraft as a character. But I missed most of the show from my own personal zombieness. Sigh. Time to replace more lost sleep, this time with a nap from 2:30 to 5:30. Naturally, that's when my eye doc's receptionist called while I had my phone turned off. Sigh again. In the evening, I tried to watch tonight's Dragons' Den but dozed off again, only to have a weird dream including the senior Dragon. Why is my life weird?

So I'm up now, having opened a can of Chicken&Sausage Gumbo soup that I'm eating cold. Too tired and lazy to warm it up. But it's very tasty, even cold. Anyway, it'll keep me company while I find out what happened in the world while I was ... away.


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