I stayed up reading until 3:40 a.m. Not good. To make things even worse, I woke up at 6:11 with the usual symptoms of not being able to breathe, as well as exhibiting a new tendency to align my body toward the led lights near the entrance. No, body, no. You're going to fall off.

I stayed up reluctantly and had to scrounge for something to have for an unfulfilling brekkie. Luckily my meals were delivered just a few minutes after 11 so I could return to semi-zombiehood. Was disappointed I had no energy to remove and store my Christmas stuff. And, once again, I was compelled to have a nap mid afternoon. Didn't watch first-run TV in the evening, but finally watched Dragons' Den. Can you imagine three hosers selling bottles of allegedly refreshing Rocky Mountain AIR for $30 a bottle? Biggest scam, ever. Feeling awake enough, I managed to rewatch Murdoch Mysteries, too. Creeeeepy, even beyond Lovecraft's character. But it was hilarious to see how Mrs. Brackenreid became enraptured by reading "Dracula" until Lovecraft invaded her thoughts.

Anyway, I'm trying to be sensible and go to bed very soon. My eyes (yes, eye singular) is just not cooperating. Everything is very fuzzy. Not a happy camper.


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