And half an achieved goal is still better than lethargy. Mind you, I only had less than 6 hours of sleep. And I am really pleased that I managed to undress one tree and put the deccies away. Remind me to NEVER ever wind lights around and around. Hell to remove. Sigh. I was so hot and exhausted that I didn't dare touch the second tree.

I also enjoyed reading for pure pleasure. I'd been so busy with my own story that I didn't have time to read other stories from the collection. So I read them all. Some of them were just jaw-dropping gorgeous. Definitely an endearing and enduring tribute to a fandom that so many of us love. ::iz proud::

Caught up with the two MasterChef epis from yesterday. Mmmmm. Now I want someone to make me avocado fries. Obviously, one would need really firm, a titch unripe fruit. But it sounds delish.

Anyway, time to take my food obsessions to bed. Must rest my eyes for the movie tomorrow.


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