Which is why certain people move from the friendzone to become chosen family.

But, first, why is 6 hours my apparent default sleep limit? Mind you, it's still better than ::shudders:: three hours. As I woke up 90 minutes before my alarm, I had an even more leisurely morning until my anticipated pickup at 10:50. So, the sun was blazing today. And the temperature? Brrrrrrrrrrrrr ... with me enduring it while wearing thin socks and my Mary Janes, because of the lingering swelling of both insteps and forelegs due to the fall. Sigh.

I arrived at the theatre at 11:33 and RS was the first to arrive. When Jan got there, we were able to buy our tickets and get snacks. I know, I know. We all splurged on overpriced concession stand offerings. So, we saw "Hidden Figures" and were blown away. I have to find out whether there's a book so that I can read it because, as usual, there were things I missed on the screen. However, as someone who grew up during that era, it was exciting to see historical footage.

We had enough time built in after the movie so we could chat and laugh some more. My minivan was the first to arrive at 3:50 and I was home very quickly. Even though the sun had been glorious, the cold still affected me to the extent that I didn't attempt to do my laundry. Oh, well. I'll deal with finding different clothes for tomorrow.

Watched a special epi of Peppa Pig and the news. Dozed off during my game show repeats and then again after 8. Now that I'm awake, I'm washing my recycling and going to watch the second half of last night's Shark Tank.

Right now, I'm trying to assess the medical benefits causing (temporary) improvement in my vision. So, was it the activity? The fun and laughter? Or was it exposure to below-freezing temperatures? I guess I have something new to investigate!


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