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( Mar. 6th, 2017 11:04 pm)
I can read while sitting on the couch.
I can read while lying down in bed.
But I do not know if I can read while standing on my head.
- major apologies to Dr. Seuss ... but I just had to have some fun!

However, before the play portion of my day, there was unfinished business. I didn't care to wake up at 6:13 (sigh), but I got out of bed and began writing my church summary. Only took me three hours to post. Mind you, I have to think of new angles (and gorgeous synonyms for the music) every week. Only after that did I have brekkie. Yum.

And, then, hours of blissful reading. So much that I had to recharge the battery again (even though it had been charging all night). I checked with Brian who said the screen was a battery hog. Hee - I have a new piglet. Must think of a name. I can't believe how quickly I zoom through the pages. But I still need to find a boob pillow rest. For any boob owners out there with poor eyesight, what do you do? Because the lap is just too far away.

In more frivolous news, I asked Brian to order me Euphoria Shower Gel online. Yay! I'll be getting three bottles of it. Just don't ask about the price. OTOH, I was paying close to the amount more than 10 years ago. And I do miss the sensual experience very much.

Brent's talk from Yellowknife was on the CBC site from 9 till 11, but I was too tired to watch it live. So I'll watch at some point this week during the day when my brain is still functioning. ::rattles brain:: Yup, still there.

And, now, back to bed and some happy reading. Nighty-night, all.


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