Part Two (after about 7 incredible hours of sleep and an hour to organize my thoughts):

That's the kind of yucky day I had, from the unwelcome time of 5:13 when I woke up. Sigh. So, how could I be bored with all my lovely reading material? Oh, that's easy. The iPad STOPPED working, the screen turned black, while I was waiting for my meals to be delivered. Though I plugged in the charger, I was not able to nudge it back to life. I even asked Brian for help. Yup, I can still hear the echoes pf unfamiliar questions rattling around in my head.

Time to clear the docket and allow boredom and blindness to dominate. After my meals were finally delivered, I plugged the iPad charger into the wall. Blue light? I don't see any blue light. So I guess I'll be looking for an online troubleshooting guide for this particular model in the morning. Sigh.

As if I didn't have enough boredom during the morning, I waited for EVER for my eyedrops to be delivered by the pharmacy. When SuM left before 3, I decided to watch TV in her living room, so I could answer the door quickly. I got so tired of sitting on furniture that doesn't suit me that I retreated back to my space for a while, and called the pharmacy. I'd been expecting delivery in the afternoon and was disappointed to learn that the guy wouldn't be leaving the premises until at least 6:30. Arrgghh. He has a weird schedule. So I watched the news from SuM's living room and most of WoF. Imagine both SuM's and my shock when she came back home, with a passel of people (and dogs!!!) incredulous to find me still waiting. She said she'd keep an eye out, so I got to watch Jeopardy! from the blessedly dog-free comfort of my space. The eyedrops were finally delivered around 7:45. What a relief!

While still semi-conscious, I began watching N.C.I.S.. Ha! Next thing I know, the recording is over. Still, I gamely proceeded to watch Bull. It was easier to stay awake for what is basically a courtroom drama ... obviously with a shocker of an ending. But, knowing that I was fading FAST, I didn't dare even to try watching N.C.I.S. Nola. ::pats recorder remote tenderly::

[I'm staring at what I typed next in my trance-like state: it's seriously an example of "automatic" typing. My brain is so, so, so weird. And, no, I'm not going to let you read it. There were snippets of lucidity, when I mentioned "actual play or movie" or "greeting Dr. X". Uh ... just WHAT or WHO is that?]

I'm going to try to forget that Tuesday ever happened. I hope I can resurrect the iPad because it's just so not fair for me to have victory snatched from me so harshly. I don't feel like being a brave little toaster. ::stomps wee hoof::
So ... I thought I had the charger all figured out for the iPad? Nah. Too easy. All the hours it had been plugged in, nothing had happened. It was only when I reengaged the connection that something clicked. Oh, look. There's the outline of a battery on the screen. If I'm interpreting things correctly (no proof that I am), I believe the battery's about 2/3 to being full. I guess that having been depleted was just too much for the old girl.

Because my life isn't weird enough, I have another source of aggravation. I thought I'd call up the book that was currently unavailable to me, this time on the desktop. Just one wee problem. I'm not logged in and I can't find my new library card. It wasn't in the zippered mesh case in my purse. It just wasn't anywhere. And there doesn't appear to be any way to retrieve the number electronically. So, I asked Brian via e-mail whether he could remember where he placed it after using it. Apparently, he put it on the bed (ack!). Great: a white card against my penguin fleece. With my lack of sight, it'll be a while before I get the chance to do a proper investigation. Sigh.

I was pleased to catch up on last night's TV shows. Oh, so that's what happened. Right now, the temperatures are dropping, so I'm feeling both sleepy and chilled. Even without a book to read, I can always read the news summary on my phone and then slide into unconsciousness. I really need my do-nothing, think-nothing, and be-nothings experience.


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