It's true, I swear.

But, first, all the amazing stuff from the morning. I woke up at 6:56 and started work almost immediately. Crossed my fingers and flicked the switch for the overhead lights. Huge sigh of relief. They worked (even though they are dying). Started removing the body pillow and comforter from the ledge next to the bed and - lo and behold - there was my white library card lying next to one of the piggies. Another huge sigh of relief. Just in case, I typed the card number in a doc. Should also send myself an e-mail. After that positive start, I pulled out two totes and filled them with the Christmas deccies. Then I put each tree in a separate garbage bag and moved them into the storage closet along with two empty packing boxes (that, covered with wrapping paper and a glitzy shawl, can be a tree table). I also lowered one leaf in the dining table, moving a chair over and making room for the fireplace implements. Even if the fireplace is electric, I still love the "classic" look. Once that was done, I was all hot and ... hot. It was after 9:00 a.m. Time for me to reward myself with brekkie.

My only remaining frustration is that the iPad is not charging. Yes, there's a blue light on the charger but it looks awfully weak. After getting more advice from Brian, I may have to try a new outlet, though I don't have many exposed ones. Sigh. As the temperature was dropping, I was too chicken to wash my hair (sigh) but luxuriated by using up the last of my Euphoria shower gel, knowing that Brian would soon be receiving the purchase he made on my behalf. I wanted to layer more of the same scent but - arrgghh - couldn't find my black pin-striped case holding ALL of my Euphoria products. Aggravation!!!!! I guess I'll wait for first morning sight tomorrow.

As I'm trying to empty both fridges, I enjoyed some creative combos: lunch was cooked mini-peppers in cream of tomato soup. The peppers really infused their flavours into the liquid. And supper was fresh Alfredo pasta added to turkey noodle soup. I know it sounds weird, but it was satisfying.

So, what's with the brain drain? Well, I was watching Jeopardy! (no surprise there) and totally blanked on the Final (TV character whose name is now synonymous for fixing things, especially on the fly). OMG, how could I have missed MacGyver, especially as I was going to watch it next? If it's any consolation, the two-day winner with over $50K came up with a blank, too. Some days, the brain does not cooperate. Anyway, MacGyver was both satisfying and scary, in a crossover with Hawaii Five-0 which I don't watch.

I think I'm going to enjoy a bit of chocolate and then climb into bed. I deserve a terrific sleep and an opportunity to reduce the swelling of my insteps (stupid falls). TTFN.


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