Hey, I couldn't think of another "C" word. Let's blame the cold (bitter) and waking up at 5:56 a.m. Blargh. I was surprised by SuM asking for a favour: she wanted to take off - immediately - so was asking that I take care of the cats till late tomorrow. Sure, no prob. I asked her to try to charge the iPad. It's plugged in next to her toaster. ::crosses fingers::

As she'd left so early, I got to doing my laundry sooner than expected (we have a mutual no-earlier-than-noon rule for laundry on Saturday). Fine by me. The sooner I got it done, the sooner I could relax. I also went and changed all the timepieces manually ahead of time. Then texted church-John to make sure he changes his. I believe last year he changed all of them except for his microwave and was late picking me up for something. Sigh.

As I was bored in the afternoon, I rewatched last night's MacGyver. And am now wondering whether there's any Angus/Jack slash, considering their unspoken declarations of love. Oh, you guys! Also, it was so sweet to see Bozer make a wraparound splint bandage using tongue depressors for the wee doggie with a broken leg. And I want a taste of those out-of-this-world Hawaiian shrimp. I guess I'll just have to use my imagination.

I won't have to use my imagination on how grotesquely cold it'll be to go to church tomorrow morning. I'm depressed to have to wear boots ... that is if I can jam my injured swollen feet into them. One reason why I gave my feet a respite from the pressure of socks last night. ::shudders:: Yes, I survived a night without socks only because of the thick flannel sheets.

I'm headed off to bed in a few; I'm already pretending it's an hour later. But, first, a little light reading to relax me.


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