Well, I can never be too sure about the math part, but you get Brian and me. Oy and Vei are appropriate reactions.

But, first, a fabulous night of sleep (most likely aided by the blanket of snow), as I didn't wake up until 8:50. Magnificent.

I finally got a good look at that blanket of snow (ugh) when I was waiting for my meals. See, it didn't look all that much from the protected view of the driveway. But the street view out the front door was ... rough. And I'm afraid to find out how bad it'll be to tromp through the garden. Which I won't know until Thursday. ::prays for lots of sublimation::

I had a lazy day with the exception of writing silly e-mails to Brian and getting silly e-mails back. I finally figured out which iPad I should be looking at ... because I fail at considering size. Oh! What a difference. I thought he'd gotten me an Apple ID. But he hadn't, and didn't tell me. See, I told you we're both silly. Right now, we're having a philosophical disagreement about library downloads. I'll be testing his theory tomorrow morning.

Otherwise, my day consisted of washing loads of recycling (finicky soup containers) and watching TV including a weepy N.C.I.S. OTOH, too many of tonight's Jeopardy! clues were simple-minded. Where's the happy balance? Well, I guess I'll find my happy balance by finding some light reading. Until domain, ciao tutti. But, before I forget, HAPPY PI DAY!!!!!


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