I might be getting more relaxed about it, but I still had to do my forward budgeting, reassuring myself that the deposit of my pensions at the end of the month minus my fixed costs would return me to the same level of fiscal sobriety. Hee! I can sure write.

After waking up at 8, I had a leisurely morning until church-John picked me up shortly after noon. It was a near-freezing day but the dazzling sunshine made everything cheerful. We had a great drive out to the mall that c-J is most familiar with. And we got a parking spot right across from the entrance nearest to the Apple store. So, yes, I got the lovely big iPad. I even got it set up in the store (what a relief). So I guess I'll be exploring tomorrow. I didn't have the energy to do anything this evening as c-J and I had a comfort food booster shot at Swish. He ordered an appetizer, I ordered dessert, and I shared my Sauvignon Blanc with him. By the time we were sated, it was around 4, but luckily the traffic was light because of Spring Break.

Watched my usual game shows (happy the dorky guy from Ottawa won again) and then the two MasterChef shows. Now I'm just sleeeeeepy and having a ginger beer to aid in digestion. As for tomorrow, well, I'd still like to get my taxes out of the way ... and then to play (and I hope NOT get frustrated) with my new electronic baby. ::crossing fingers and toes::


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