Well, this afternoon, I had THREE in the house (and possibly a few more outside or still on the flashing fire truck). Uh ... blondie, just WHY did you have a whole gaggle of hunky firemen in and around the house? Well, I sorta kinda had a microwave mishap during which I incinerated a bagel. How? Well, I wasn't thinking when I set the timer ... and then didn't notice anything was wrong until I saw smoke. Uh-oh. So. Much. Smoke. It set off both smoke detectors in the house. So loud that our neighbour heard it and told me she called the Fire Dept. So I met all the nice men at the door and gave them the "I can't see" spiel. They went through my space and opened the windows, then used a powerful fan from the front door to drive all the smoke out. Or as much as they could. The Misses had taken refuge in SuM's bedroom, while I sat in her living room clutching Grumpy to keep him from running away.

After they left, I sent SuM a text message to not be worried or surprised but ... yadda, yadda. It turns out she'd been at work and was coming home soon anyway. When she got in, she said it smelled like burnt toast. How ironic and appropriate, considering I'd been trying to defrost a cinnamon french toast bagel. ::gives self a stern chat:: Blondie, blondie, blondie, you must pay attention to what you're doing when the microwave is involved. Even if you're in the middle of Dan Brown's "Inferno". Uh ... nope, I don't see the connection at all. ::rolls eyes::

Thankfully, it was so warm out that even having the windows open for several hours was pleasant ... and I'd had the heater off since the morning. Anyway, that's quite enough excitement for one day. Here I thought I'd be having a placid day after I'd frantically nagged Brian about trying to find my library books. I managed to locate them by the time he replied to me. Oops. Sorry, baby bro. Beyond watching my game show repeats, all I did was read, read, read. Which is what I'm going to do ... right now. Ciao, tutti.


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