Or were they scones, tartlets and petits fours? If we're talking about high tea at the Windsor Arms, then it's definitely the latter.

But, first, the more gruesome aspects of the day. The alarm was set for 6, so I didn't complain when I opened my eyes at 5:27 to book my rides for next Tuesday. Then I reset the alarm for 10:00, leaving me enough time for brekkie and getting ready for my meals delivery. Also rescuing (well ... encouraging) Grumpy to come indoors. He'd been sunning himself on a patch on the back deck, but it's always a relief to know where the cats are.

I entertained myself by watching the last SNL which - inexplicably - was an epi from last December. I'm so confused. At least I unconfused myself long enough to send Brian an update on our joint birthday tea. He chose the time of 1:00 p.m. Sounds lovely. I also continued reading the Tanya Huff book. I'd been unimpressed about the setting until our old friend from the Blood series, namely Henry Fitzroy, dropped by. Yay. The evening was boring with only game shows (and caustic commentary by text from church-John about the ineffectual Canadian competitor). All my regular evening dramas were repeats. Boo. So I'm back to reading. I'm excited by a book I've placed a hold on. It's one account (presumably the best) of what happened in Gander when all those planes were diverted on 9/11. It was recommended on the "Come From Away" FB page. Tomorrow morning, I'll have to return phone calls, so I'll just enjoy the quiet. And pleasant dreams, too, I hope.


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