The day got off to a good start when I woke up at 7:37. Sat in bed and read stuff off my cellphone for about an hour before getting out of bed. Finally got up and thought about eating. Also caught up with a slew of phone messages (Hello, blind institute? You need to SPEAK more slowly just in case peeps need to take notes) including one from the neighbour who wanted to be sure I was okay. I sent her a text. As she has no cellphone or e-mail (what a shock), she received it as a voice-text to a landline. Ooh, cool. I also called my meals provider and spoke to the boss-lady who's asking for speech-writing assistance for next Monday when she'll be addressing members of the provincial legislature including the Premier. Hee! My words can be found ... everywhere!

I was so out of it that I needed to have a nap around noon and settled down on newly puffed-up pillows without even setting the alarm. Slept for a couple of hours after which I decided to rewatch Monday's Murdoch Mysteries. A second watch helped a lot, so I texted SuM to let her know. I also managed to find homes on my bookcase for all of my new Blu-Ray and DVD purchases. Uh, they might not be in order, but at least they're off the couch. ::inflates with self-satisfaction::

In the evening, I watched my game shows, a years-old epi of Big Bang Theory with Sheldon at his most irritating (I know, how can one really differentiate), and then the season-ender of Dragons' Den. And, finally, I'm back to reading Tanya Huff. About half way through the first book. Anyway, I think that covers my day. Well, there was also bacon. And a vodka tonic. My nightcap will be a ginger beer to wash down my evening pills. Ahhh, the beauty of a good digestive.


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