... and look almost 20 years younger. Obviously, I had a terrific few hours at the nearest mall. And, from now on, I'm definitely booking the stylist with whom I have something in common. Her name is Halina, mine is Helena. She's done my hair before but never to the amazing result of this time. She even explained why the hair from bangs to crown has straightened, while the bottom is curly. It's from using strong hair dyes. And where does one usually start when colouring hair? Right - at the hairline.

After my hair, I went and bought a gift bag and tissue paper, then sent a letter off to the municipal housing authority by registered mail, bought cotton face puffs and powder, before ending up at the supermarket. All I wanted was prepared foods, so picked up a sushi boat and a pan of buffalo wings, also a couple of avocados.

My ride home was around 1:00 and I got home quickly. So glad to be indoors because it had been cold and drizzly. I don't care as long as it finishes doing stupid wet stuff before tomorrow.

Tonight's MacGyver had a faked death and revealed a lot of cynicism on the part of the bad guy. Right now, I'm back to reading, trying to get through the last Tanya Huff. Shouldn't stay up too late as I'd like to stay looking younger tomorrow. ::crosses fingers for nice weather::


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