April 2017
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10:20 pm

Book List (March, 2017)

11:23 pm

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as Too. Much. Tea!

11:13 pm

Options are a Very. Good. Thing.

11:27 pm

Constructive lazines ... also a very good thing!

11:22 pm

Best entertainment in the house. Free, too!

11:55 pm

Eeeeek! The clock ran out ... but I didn't even notice it.

11:28 pm

Nobody should ever have to wake up at 4:44!

11:42 pm

Got a whole lot of therapeutic crying ahead of me.

11:41 pm

Oh, who needs sleep anyway?

10:52 pm

Who needs sleep when visited by a cat poltergeist?

11:27 pm

Sleepy-kitty la-la land FTW!

11:51 pm

Oh, noes. Not five thirty-something again.

10:30 pm

I can name that tune in 5-4-3-2-zzzzzzzzz.

11:49 pm

Here's a new one: I have nothing to read.


11:24 pm

A long and busy day ... with bonus tulips.

11:24 pm

I. Am. Such. A. Dork.

11:32 pm

Ouch. I overindulged.

10:20 pm

Help. I am stuck inside my mind and body ... exhausted to the point of paralysis.

10:28 pm

The day after ... always subdued.

10:56 pm

Another night on the teeter-totter.

11:11 pm

My mildly amusing day.

11:45 pm

Wake up at 5:19? Suffer the consequences.

11:20 pm

Once upon a time....

11:30 pm

What a fabulously, extra goofy day!

11:40 pm

Fading quickly.

11:22 pm

Apparently, reading can be very dangerous when I'm zonked.

11:52 pm

Busy, good, busy, fun, busy ... a lost opportunity?

10:40 pm

The day after hits me really hard.

11:53 pm

Starting with "Oops!" and ending with "Ouch"?

11:40 pm

After being pampered, I have another "Aha!" moment.

11:30 pm

I Am Woman: hear me roar ... and do much laundry!

11:30 pm

Just what season is it anyway?



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