When your housemate wakes up a few minutes before 5 (obviously unable to sleep) and you just happen to be in a shallow sleep stage, you wake up, too. But, you don't fret ... because you pull on leggings and get cozy on the couch and finish the book you're reading. When you're done, it's already 6:40 ... but you remain cool. There is lots of time to eat brekkie, put on makeup, and get dressed, as your ride isn't until 9:05. You don't have to worry about your perfectly-bouncy hair or having to drag endless layers of clothing over your body.

When you leave the house, the sun is shining and it feels almost warm enough. Already a wonderful start. Also, enough with the "you". I'm switching back to a first-person account. When I arrived at church, I encouraged a discussion group until 10:00 a.m., then entered the Sanctuary. Naturally, everyone loved my hair! The music was especially stunning today as the choir performed a piece written especially for them (while Mme Music Director had snuck in to sing with the tenors!). And Brent was touching in so many ways, including his outrageous humour. When the service ended, I had 30 minutes to wait for my ride, so took advantage of the sun outside.

Once I got home, I had to push myself to write my summary, especially considering how "off" I'd felt since yesterday. The coffee that church-John had given me had helped - though it was a strong jolt to my digestive system. When I'd posted - before 3:30 - then I could dig into my Buffalo chicken wings. And put my towels in the laundry.

After that, I vegged. I successfully transferred two more books to my iPad, but was too tired to read. I also dozed off during the news and later while watching cartoons. But I was relieved to see that last night's SNL was recorded. I'll watch it tomorrow - when I'm more awake. Right now, I'm just going to go to bed (without supper except for a few morsels of chocolate) and read for a bit. As always, looking for relaxing, healing sleep.


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