Considering that my day has only been about 14 hours long, I'm quite content with it. Waking up at 9:30 was sybaritic and I didn't just jump out of bed. When I have the time, I'll read off my phone in bed. By the time I got around to brekkie and then thinking about doing eyedrops, it was already noon. ::shrugs shoulders::

I read off the iPad in bed in the afternoon, then was too lazy to go plug it in to the outlet in the bathroom. And I was too lazy to plug my cellphone near the microwave. Sooooooooo tired, even wobbly. Then I napped sporadically, eventually plugging in both very important devices, lol.

Only a couple of things broke through the lethargy. First, I confirmed the meeting time for lunch on Easter Saturday with my chosen sisters. And I had a sneaking suspicion about paperwork for getting a new health card, so checked the website. Yup, I need to fill out a form. What form? Oh, the one I can't d/l because I don't have the correct program. Tried to install it, but my computer wouldn't let me, because her heart belongs to her Uncle Brian. ::yells off-screen::

So, I just lounged around some more. Read on the desktop and am planning to return to my novel on the iPad. It's another shipwreck in the Atlantic and I'm waiting for the unknown "alien" rescue effort.

And that's all she wrote. [Noticed after posting that I'd spelled "laziness" wrong ... and have no intention of correcting it!]


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